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Thank you for taking the time to apply for staff, If you wish to get accepted, the following requirements/format expectations are essential to know, we will also include what we expect from our staff, and a lot more info to make sure we can get the best out of you.
Good luck!


-1 Month member of CubedCraft.
-At least 14 years of age.
-Dedication to the CubedCraft network, either being active or buying a donor rank.
-Been in good contact with staff members.

What we expect from our staff:
When we review applications, we expect the applicant to know what they are doing, and be patient, which means; DO NOT ask a staff member to review your application immediately, we will try to get to you within 10 days of your application being submitted. We expect you to tell the truth in your application, everything you say will be checked against any web software or in your messages in-game; lying will result in an instant rejection of your application, if you get rejected, do not protest against our decision, that will only result in your future applications having a less likely chance of being accepted.


1: Age
You will be asked to state your age, if you give us a false age you will be denied, also, you must be over 14 Years old to be accepted; exceptions are rare.

2: In Game Name
What's your current Minecraft username?

3: Previous IGN(s)

We request that you supply us with your previous IGN(s) to check if you have had any abusive/rude names, this will be checked against NameMC!

4: Which time zone do you live in? 

This will determine a lot, we need staff in other time zones.

5: Have you ever been punished on CubedCraft or any other server/server forums?
We need well-behaved staff, and players with a bad punishment history will not make it in to our team, if you have had punishments and they are not severe then you won't be affected much, if you have matured since a severe punishment then you may stand a chance later on. CubedCraft Punishments WILL be checked on /history and forum punishments!

6: Can you speak multiple languages, and if so, do you speak them fluently?
This is not required of you but may help if we are getting a lot of staff applications, please tell us if you can speak fluently in any other language apart from English.

7: What is your Discord?

All staff are required to have discord, as it is the servers MAIN communication platform, please tell us your discord so we can give you moderator rank if you get accepted.

8: Do you have a decent mic? This requires you to talk, if you can't talk you will not be accepted. We are going to have a discussion with you if you get accepted, if you won't talk you won't get accepted.
This information helps us determine what staff members we should voice call in discord, we need to understand our staff clearly, if we can't hear you it wastes our time calling you.

9: Please explain what you would do in the following situations. 

   Situation 1:

You get home from school and you have a lot of projects/homework to finish. You also realize that you haven't been online moderating on the network a lot recently and at the edge of being demoted.
What would you do in the following situation?

   Situation 2:
Your parents call you for dinner while in the middle of screen sharing a potential hacker.
What would you do in the following situation?

 Situation 3:

You find out that an administrator is abusing their powers on the network and you catch them in the act. The administrator tells you not to do anything or tell anyone otherwise he/she would threaten to get you demoted.

   Situation 4:
You want to start screen sharing a potential hacker you had seen on the server. The player doesn't want you to screen share him/her and they keep this nagging on, no other higher-up staff is available/online at the moment.
What would you do in the following situation?

13: Any additional info (hobbies, restrictions etc.?)
We like to know about our applicants very well so we can see if your interesting and reasonable enough to be on our team. though this section doesn't have to be filled in.

Final Words:
Once again, thanks for applying, if you get denied, try again, your perseverance may be enough to make it in to the staff team in the future!
Good luck!

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