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Alright. So to set an end to this. I think this is everyones fault. In what I can see it's that you both had a part in this. 

Epicface888: I know that it is frustrating that someone is correcting you. But instead of swearing and disrespecting other players you should've just not cared or tried to explain why you don't want to be corrected on. Also, please do not swear and bypassing the filter, it's against the rules. 

Angry_Squid: I know, grammar crimes are annoying, but that is just how the world works. No one is perfect. And I know, you probably just want to help, but when he said stop the first time, you should have just obeyed. Sadly, this is how our brain works, we want to win, be the best and smartest person, outsmart the other part. But you know, not everyone has English as their first language, you have to respect that. 

That being said, I am not going to punish anyone of you with more than a warning. (this time) I hope you guys understand that it is annoying to be corrected and being called bad things. I hope you guys can apologize to each other and get to the bottom of this. 

NOTE: if I see this again I will give you punishments. The only reason of why I'm only giving you a warning is because I think it was a misunderstanding. You were both a part of it. 
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I don't think we are going to add this plugin as you can use /speed 0 on the player and the player wont be able to move. Or you could do what GellyZ said. 
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I am sorry but you are not getting unbanned.
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Thank you for your report. He has been taken care of.
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Thanks for your report. We will get right to it. 
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