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Tbh i mostly  agree with your points, however for the builder hunter rant, tbh hunter bow alrdy does hella dmg tbh it doesnt need more arrows. Altho builder could do with less arrows

excited for the new pvp game coming, probs guna be duels, i remember talking to someone bout that
about 1 year ago
I was playing warzone yesterday, as I normally do. And found that I could barely make it to middle without getting bowspammed, everyone was having no fun at All and I've found a suitable nerf to bows that would work better. 
  • Kit archer - decrease arrow amount to 20 and replace current pants with leather pants
  • Kit hunter - decrease bow to power 1 and replace current pants with leather pants
  • And decrease amount of arrows on builder and default kit,  not sure what to yet
  • Also make it a rule to ban building to side islands and camping and bowspamming. Can only be banned if they dont move but rather just camp the whole time. Only bannable if repeated every game. 
about 1 year ago
Warzone Ideas:
1) I don't know if this is already getting developed or not, but it would be good if a spawn timer could be added, I believe there are plugins for this, for instance when they die a message is displayed saying click to respawn with a 3-5 second timer that countdowns to when you respawn. Either that or change the maps to having some sort of obstacle that would stop them from simply turning around and killing the person breaking the wool instantly, giving them literally no time. For example, having a small tunnel that slows them down before they turn around. I'm sure that one of the builders could sort this out and manage to make it aesthetically pleasing whilst doing so.
2) Although not major, it would be nice to see a change in messages when someone dies rather than saying someone was slain by someone, for instance, player1 was knocked off a high place by player2, player1 was knocked into the void by player2, and various others. Many other servers have pulled this off and I'm sure there are an abundance of plugins to do just this.
3) Rather than always making original maps for warzone, import other map ideas from other servers, as the original maps, with an exception to Abandoned Ship, which looks professional, are a bit basic and could have so much more added. As well as this, with original builds having to be released, it takes longer, which is always a downside. Many servers have this feature, for example MineHut's warzone, stratus, other warzone servers.
4) Add a rule to ban camping on side islands and bow spamming. I understand that bow spamming is simply a part of the game and balances the game, and I cannot change that, however, it would be nice to add a rule to stop people camping on side islands and bow spamming, therefore stopping people from getting any pvp gameplay and ruining the game. Camping in middle is fine as it gives people a chance to avoid arrows and get to mid however side island camping is simply not needed. Luckily this does not happen too often however when a lot of people join there is always one person who builds and hides and just sits there bow spamming for the majority of the game; it's simply not needed.
5) Finally, add a plugin to stop people combat logging/void logging. Hypixel and others have managed this and it shouldn't be much of a challenge. Say if one person hits someone and they then leave within 1-10 seconds of this, the other person still gets the kill.

Thank you for reading the thread

Btw sorry for such a long thread, just thought I might as well say the stuff inside my head to improve warzone before I forget :D 
about 1 year ago
I know this bug has been around a long time, and I don't know whether you guys have attempted to change it, but I might as well make a forum thread about it. Basically, I don't know how this works but I do know that about 50% of the time, void kills don't show up and consequently don't get added on to your stats. Over my time playing warzone, I've lost about 500 kills, yes that much, to void kills not showing. Rather than saying so and so was slain by so and so, it rather just says that the person fell into the void. I don't know if this will be easy to fix and probably isn't at the top of your priority list however, I thought I might as well highlight it, to at least get a chance of you guys managing to fix it.
Thanks for your time
- alphacks
about 1 year ago
need to join team for tourney ping me on discord
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