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Here we have a new playerservers update!
Updated Plugins for 1.14:
- Skript
- skRayFall

Removed Plugin:
- SkRambled

- Added Account Settings in User dropdown on navbar
- Added Dark Mode, Can be enabled in Account Settings
- You can now upload PNG Files in file manager
- Added knowledgebase You're welcome to help to add more tutorials use the forum for it and if we find it usefull we will add it into knowledgebase
26 days ago

Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for you that bring in new features and updates aswell some other announcements that have not been posted on the website here

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PlayerServers Update

- 1.14 is now default server version when creating new servers
- 1.13 Version is removed, All 1.13 servers are upgraded to 1.14
- PlayerServers now have api, Check out webmanager -> Settings
- Ingame management for all new servers /control

about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone,
Today we have a new update for you that bring in new features and updates

PlayerServers Update

- You can now execute commands from the lobby to your server using "/pscommand {command}" - useful if you need to do something fast
- Servers can now automatically execute commands when someone has voted on your server; add commands in the Settings section
- Added {date} and {time} placeholders to boosting commands as well as the new voting commands
- Added another player server node, new servers will be created on this node
- All votes are now reseted, Will be reset each month
- Server Page section is readded (example
about 1 month ago

When boosting a server you get a cooldown on 31 days before you can change again this is maybe something we will change in future

Server owners can reward players when someone boost them server by using the new Server Boosting section on webmanager

Note: This is something we still working on and things will most likey change

2 months ago


For all versions:
- Added QualityArmory
- Added IslandBorder
- Added DupeFixes
- Added CraftingStore
- Added FactionChat
- Added skNBeeT
- Updated TitleManager
- Updated CrazyEnvoy
- Updated CrazyCrates
- Updated ChatReaction
- Updated Spartan
- Updated PlaceholderAPI
- Updated Jobs
- Updated EditableSign
- Updated PlayerBounty
- Updated MyPet
- Updated Quests
- Updated KillerMoney
- Updated ChatControl
- Updated SuperVanish
- Updated RedProtect

For 1.12 and 1.13 and 1.14<...
2 months ago