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From Sunday you must use your email to login on this website

So you have until sunday to confirm your email is correct at "My Account -> Profile Settings -> Email"

If your email is incorrect then contact a admin to update your email
9 days ago

We know plugins are important for your server!
Thats why have changed almost all plugins to be free! Including Skript!
And added alot of new plugins!
And we will come more updates and changes over the night

(Dont worry donators, Will come alot of new things to donators)
21 days ago

Hello fellow Cubers! 

First of all, thanks to everyone that has applied for staff! It is so nice to see that many of you wants to help, means a lot!
The past week we have promoted 3 (!) new players to trial-mod! Welcome them to the CubedCraft staff team, their names are GellyZ, deadly_miner9 and Angry_Squid! Welcome!

When that is said, we have decided to close staff applications again. We will read and response the applications that's already sent in, within 7 days. Be patient. 

We do not know when we are going to open applications again, but will let you guys know when it's open! In the meantime, enjoy playing on our server!

Remember you can still help us by helping players and reporting rulebreakers!
Much love, CubedCraft staff team
26 days ago

Hello fellow Cubers! Good news! staff applications are open again!

You can finally apply for staff again! 
We found out that we need new staff members to help us manage the server and players in need, so we decided to open applications again!

Do you want to become a part of CubedCraft staff team? You're only three steps away! 
  1. First of all you need to read our format: Everyone has to follow the format for applications and rules to apply. NOTE: You need to be 14 years old or older!
  2. Step two! Write your application! 
  3. And finally, wait for the answer! NOTE: Do not message staff members on discord, on the server or forums about your application. We will read it when we have the time. normal respond time: 10 days.
Apply today and become a part of our staff team! link:
about 1 month ago

* A new scoreboard :D
* We now have 2 lobbies incase 1 is down or being worked on

* Alot of code changes for multiple lobby support, Please report any bugs
* We know plugins are important for everyone so we have changed a few plugins to be free (Donators will get new features coming soon)
- Multiverse-Core (NOTE: World creation require alot of ram)
- KillerMoney
- VoidWorld
- Duels
- MyCommand

We also added TitleManager to everyone.
We also changed Skript plugin from MVP+ to VIP+

* New map released by Mizsi called Abandoned Ship
* Added Map by, Map name messages when a game starts
* Fixed fall damage on start * Added 4 more arrows to default kit
about 1 month ago