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Hi Everyone
There have been alot of technical changes over the last few days and alot more to come so please report any problems

- Updated 11 Plugins
- Fixed PlayerServers Domains
- New friends system

Updated Plugins:
- CitizensCMD
- LibsDisguises
- Shopkeepers
- ActionAnnouncer
- DeluxeCommands
- CustomImages
- MinePacks
- WildStacker
- MVdWPlaceholderAPI
- Wilderness-TP
- AdvancedAchievements
2 days ago

- 2 New plugins for PlayerServers
- Updated 80 Plugins for PlayerServers
- Updated website profile page
- Updated website voting page

New Plugins:
- CustomImages
- VoidGenerator

Updated Plugins:
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- Shopkeepers
- Citizens
- SilkSpawners
- HolographicDisplays
- CoreProtect
- LibsDisguises
- UltraCosmetics
- PlayerParticles
- CustomHeads
- OldCombatMechanics
- CraftingStore
- ChestShop
- FeatherBoard
- AnimatedNames
4 days ago

Summer is here!
And we want to welcome the summer with a summer sale in our store!

You can now get everything in the CubedCraft store for 25% off the original price, including the monthly ranks VIP and MVP! But we are not stopping there. If you subscribe to either VIP or MVP with automatic renewal the price will not change even though the sale ends. This means you will have 25% off the monthly subscription as long as you do not cancel it. 

The sale has already started and ends on August 1st!

Link to store:
11 days ago

In the coming month / months CubedCraft will may be fully rebranded to PlayerServers, this is still something we still discussing on how we gonna do it either CubedCraft will be renamed or we will setup a own proxy for it with

The reason for this is PlayerServers is a better name for it and sounds interesting for new players to check it out with also mean PlayerServers is the main focus

The public servers we have will still run as normal
27 days ago

It is time for the annual Warzone tournament!

We are happy to announce that there will be a Warzone tournament this year as well! Like always, there will be teams of four, one team leader and three team members!

If you do not have a team or am missing a team member please sign up either way, with your discord username, so we can contact you and find a team or teammate for you! 

When is the tournament?
The tournament starts at 6:00 PM/18:00 CEST on June 20. 

How to sign up?
You can sign up by clicking here. This will direct you to a submission page where you mus...
about 1 month ago