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Hi  Everyone

As many know the website had been down since yesterday and is now finally up and running again

You are now able to vote for servers and visit server pages on and top servers will soon be displayed ingame!
To find your server go to{}

We have also moved the whole playerserver dashboard (Filemanager) to
Its important to know that we are still working to improve the websites and add more features, Please give us any #suggestions 

You are also now able to use direct ip to your server! {}
18 days ago

CubedCraft is now supporting 1.13 to join with but we're recomming to still use 1.12 since 1.13 is a big laggy since the worlds are using old chunks format

all connected plugins like fences, double grass etc are not displaying correctly for 1.13 clients, ViaVersion hope to have it fixed tomorro

You must have ViaVersion installed on you're server to be able to join with 1.13
about 1 month ago

Hi everyone, today we have a new update to share with you all!

We also have 35% off lifetime ranks on our store, make sure you don't miss out!

- No more plugin limit! (note: the more plugins you have, the more lag you may experience)
- God and VIP donors can now bypass the server AFK system
- Royal and God donors are now able to use colours in the MOTD
- Lifetime ranks can now invite more people to their server control panel

- VIPs now get fly automatically in the lobby when joining
- VIPs now get elytras in the lobby when joining (only works for 1.9+)

- New map added by 124c41 - Street Riot
- Level system recoded, Changed EXP required for all levels, levels now go up to 100 - can you reach the 10000 EXP needed to get there?

- Ranks synchronize will be fixed tonight (Donator rank will be showed on leaderboards etc)

Check out our donation store here (and don't miss out on 35% off lifetime ranks!):
about 1 month ago

Citizens is back for everyone! Now all plugins in the plugin installer is now available for everyone!
about 1 month ago

From Sunday you must use your email to login on this website

So you have until sunday to confirm your email is correct at "My Account -> Profile Settings -> Email"

If your email is incorrect then contact a admin to update your email
3 months ago