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Be sure to use to join CubedCraft, Almost all other ips will stop working in the next months, All other ips have stopped before 2018
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Server Event this weekend

Saturday 18:00: UHC (Ultra Hardcore) Event (2 Rounds Only)
Sunday 17:00: UHC (Ultra Hardcore) Event (2 Rounds Only)

Winner Reward: MVP Lifetime

WARNING NOTE: Winners will be checked for hacks
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Update Changelog 26 days ago
Maintenance complete, You can now CubedCraft again
Update Changelog:

Added: Language system, You can now switch language to get messages your languages, Well just a few languages support it so far, To switch language use /language {lang},
Available languages: en_US -> English, no_NO -> Norwegian, se_SV -> Swedish.
Added: You will now be warned automatically if you swear.
Added: Added no Repeat and AntiSpam system to Msg and Reply.
Fixed Bug: You can now see warnings if you being warned with /warnings.
Fixed Bug: You can no longer use colors/format in reply command.
Fixed Bug: You can now use /linkdiscord multiple times if your IGN does not match on discord.
Improved: AntiSwear System.
Improved: AntiAdvertisement System.

Note: A lot is moved into a new Core System, If anything is missing please report it and report any bugs, The old core system is removed.

Edited by DarkyMinecraft, grammar and explanations improved.
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50% off on Ranks and Rankups about 1 month ago
50% off on all Ranks and Rankups today, Buy at
If you want to buy please use paypal :)
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Major security issues about 1 month ago
@everyone Security Warning!!
CreateYourOwnMenus plugin have a major security issues! If you give your players Gamemode, Or have a Creative world people can abuse this security to force-op them self and take full control of your server

People who abuse this bug will be logged to our systems and will be permanely banned!
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