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When boosting a server you get a cooldown on 31 days before you can change again this is maybe something we will change in future

Server owners can reward players when someone boost them server by using the new Server Boosting section on webmanager

Note: This is something we still working on and things will most likey change

4 days ago


For all versions:
- Added QualityArmory
- Added IslandBorder
- Added DupeFixes
- Added CraftingStore
- Added FactionChat
- Added skNBeeT
- Updated TitleManager
- Updated CrazyEnvoy
- Updated CrazyCrates
- Updated ChatReaction
- Updated Spartan
- Updated PlaceholderAPI
- Updated Jobs
- Updated EditableSign
- Updated PlayerBounty
- Updated MyPet
- Updated Quests
- Updated KillerMoney
- Updated ChatControl
- Updated SuperVanish
- Updated RedProtect

For 1.12 and 1.13 and 1.14<...
5 days ago

Here is a small update for PlayerServers

- Free plan now have 20 slots
- Server version 1.14 is now available by creating a new server with "/create {name} 1.14" Many plugins are still broken so not recommended
- Around 70-80 Plugins are updated for 1.13 and 1.14 servers
- Around 40 Plugins are updated for 1.12 servers
- Around 20 Plugins are updated for 1.8 servers

- Currently servers are not updated to the newest plugin updates i told above due issues with multiple versions, To update you must remove the plugin then install it again,  Self a plugin telling its outdated it may not help to reinstall it due the newer updates don't...
about 1 month ago

We have new updates to TNTWars and PlayerServers 

- In Tnt Wars fully automatic cannons are no longer allowed. Full auto cannons put strain on the server and on player's computers so we're disallowing them. Using autos will result in a warning or temp ban.
- We have added /like and /dislike commands, Vote so we can find out what maps you guys like

- You can now select server version when you create  a new server! Use  /create {name} {1.8/1.13} 1.12 will be selected by default ...
3 months ago

We're opening the doors to new staff members!
If you're 15 or older and want to contribute to Cubed Craft apply here or under the "More" tab and click Staff Applications.

You can also find the unban applications here or under the "more" tab and click Unban Applications.
3 months ago