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4 days ago
Player OViStorm had been disrespectful many times. Today and last weekend, I had a friend of mine have her brother play on MC. Player OViStorm joined the PS and started to be annoying with messed up topics. I muted him but OViStorm messaged my friend's brother cussing at him and saying inappropriate stuff. Today he did the same thing, but this time he messaged something else. Pasted below is my friend on the computer after her young brother, age 7, started crying at what OViStorm had said.
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4 days ago
I'd like to report these two players for being abusive to their players and forcing them to obey them. At the moment I have been jailed for 6 days and muted for 6 days. They are now trying to /sudo me for random stuff. The other players on here are also complaining. As my proof you can ask Zydagon. I have not done anything wrong in anyways. These two staff members also advertised their server on other PlayerServers. I'd like for you (CC Staff member) to warn these guys.
about 1 year ago
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