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about 1 year ago
I’m glad that ur not moderator. You were the worst. Banning people for no reason. Ripoff
about 1 year ago
I’m glad that ur not moderator. You were the worst. Banning people for no reason. Ripoff
over 2 years ago
Are Applications still open?
over 2 years ago
over 3 years ago
Hi Darky I just got banned and i have to wait 5 days to play Cubed again. The Reason i was banned is because i used autospam to try to /join my friends ps faster but then it just spammed what is 2+2? so i got banned for 5 days and i prommise to never use hacks again i have not been banned before and i will delete my hacks and i want to be unbanned - AspectCobra
over 3 years ago
Hi DarkyMinecraft, Sorry to bother but I was banned for about 3 days, for more information about this, read my Unban in the forums. Please D:
over 3 years ago
HeHe... darky
over 3 years ago
Hehe, Ninjune is old news. xD?
over 3 years ago
This is what i mean by darky makes me feal useless -.-
over 3 years ago
ok this is no fair i have nothing on my wall and dakry has like a million msges!

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over 2 years ago
Staff Appliactions have been re-opened

You should apply Tom, you would make a great addition.

over 3 years ago
CubedCraft Now

Creative still exists, join with /server creative

over 3 years ago
Amazing Build Team


Check out this amazing build team, they built my PS lobby.

Request a build from them if you like!

over 3 years ago
Points Shop Sharing and More Items

x1.5 Player Slots for 500 points weekly?

over 3 years ago
skQuery Fork

Hey, i am here to request a plugin named skQuery Fork, it is an addon to Skript.

Rank required:

This is the link to the plugin Resource:


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 7 5 20.201s
Sand 3 2 31.252s
Labyrinth 4 4 40.356s
Snow 2 1 28.664s
Ores 2 2 31.710s
Palace 2 0 47.808s
MetalMachine 2 0 40.754s
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 1 0 21.903s
2 1 123.792s
Statistic Value
Wins 29
Kills 156
Deaths 366
Coins 1143
Exp 3105
Wool 79
K/D Ratio 0.43
Statistic Value
Wins 1
Kills 0
Deaths 4
Coins 0
Exp 12
K/D Ratio 0



Killer I Get 25 kills about 1 year ago
Victory I Win 25 games 12 months ago
Wool Destroyer I Destroy 25 wool from enemy team about 1 year ago
Getting The Job Done Destroy all 10 wool in a round about 1 year ago
Flawless Win a game without losing any wool 5 months ago


Killer I Get 25 kills 6 months ago