4 months ago
Extronix is a moderator i thought he was a Builder
5 months ago
I post on ur wall cause Im a berry .3.
7 months ago
Dont post on my wall, only my wall. :)




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I will unban you this time, don't troll about ''using hacks''. Next time you wont be unbanned.
about 1 month ago
You were clearly advertising another minecraft server ip, i managed to log in. you never said anything about abcya and ''testing the anti advertise system'' is a common excuse.
about 1 month ago
Yeah, i think it'll be grat and what i'd like to have aswell is like a extra plot at creative for mabye 250-500 points? Might get more players to used creative.
7 months ago
So my idea is that you could buy a plot on creative for mabye 500 points? I think we could have use for this because i've been out of plots for a long time now. This could be the reason why noone plays here. That they get out of plots and dont get to build anymore.  I'd really like too see more people playing on creative aswell as we can merge bigger plots and be more creative.

7 months ago
Okay so, Since  Warzone and Got their own channel for chatting and talking i think survival and Creative should get one each aswell. This is just my opinion and btw now that i'm doing the creative i still think that 2 plots are too few. I made another aswell. If Creative got its own chat you could post your builds on the channel and talk too your friends while playing creative together. For survival You could send pics about your base etc, and talk about how amazing the survival server is ;)

7 months ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 13 3 21.821s
Sand 11 6 43.362s
Hell 6 0 462.216s
Labyrinth 8 6 98.109s
Grassland 6 2 30.359s
Techno 1 0 -
Snow 12 6 30.651s
Ores 8 2 39.516s
Palace 13 7 33.260s
MetalMachine 9 5 34.456s
Candyland 1 1 337.111s
Western 9 0 77.348s
Granite 3 1 30.258s
Tower 1 0 35.289s
Statistic Value
Wins 1196
Kills 10819
Deaths 12810
Coins 25932
Exp 172297
Wool 6050
K/D Ratio 0.84
Statistic Value
Wins 173
Kills 1029
Deaths 560
Coins 7640
Exp 3181
K/D Ratio 1.84