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8 months ago
FazIsCool''s info:Hey my name is PolasOrasten My dad''s name is Orston MY Brothers name is NaizopledOrasten Who is FazBro_YT We Live in Mexico but I have currently moved put to New Jersey to work here but my office starts a 5:53 a.m and finishe's in 7:57 a.m it's just 2 hours in between My Brother NaizopledOrasten is In Mexico with my dad my mom currently died in 1989 And my brother is 31 years old and I am 28 years old

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8 months ago
Please don't allow hacking in PS

Please don't allow

Players are hacking in playerservers just because it's aplowed but Wat will cubed craft do if players are using Wurst FoeceOp? 

they could get op and grief cubed craft like Zephix Did please don't allow

8 months ago
Please fix this issue

Hey Can u staffs please fix this issue

this issue is when I log on to cubed craft I'm mine craft the chat is full cleared but I can move but it keeps teleporting me to spawm if the chat gets fIlley cubed craft kicks me

8 months ago
Im just bored

Hey I made this topic because I'm bored and want to type I like typing some big notes in Electonic devices because I'm a fan of typing and I'm not able to join cubed craft because my PC is broken

8 months ago
Do notread


Okay please stop reading

this is a secret


okay the reason I made this topic is because I wanna say thank you to cubed craft for the help Cubedcraft has picked the good staff members for players MissChikoo helped me on saying how to get a suffix like [Flitz] and Pondwader helped me on my PS on like my ps keeps crashing well though I'm FazBro_YT on FazIsCoil account

Thank you Cubedcraft and thank you PartyDragen


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