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Noble FazPlaysYT [Dark]


6 months ago
Ugh this guy again Not iTaylor_
6 months ago
Control your anger.
6 months ago
Faz the post you have made PLEASENSE BAN VIAGRIN is kinda like via grin did his job right even tho I'm ur brother I'm still saying Via grin did his job right Sorry for my text I'm in my phone

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5 months ago
Is it possible to add Custom banners on player servers page?

Hey is it possible to add Custom banners for my players server?
because I see that there is a banner made for all PS and can we add a custome one?


5 months ago
/guild invite

@SuperCrafter100 The Issue is there for SquiroMC also!

5 months ago
How to add content on Playerservers.com server page

How do i add content in my PS like plyerservers.com/server/floatpvp how to add content?

5 months ago
/guild invite

Hey please fix this issue if i do /guild invite [player] it says Unknown error occored! Please contact staffs and i cant invite people to guilds please fix this issue staffs!
i tried relogging and still its same status#

I want to invite people to guilds but i cant so please fix 

By FazBro_YT

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5 months ago
what happens if you ban partydragen from your server

uhh you cant erlly


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