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Noble FrankstaTG145


about 1 month ago
Hi frank
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Something hit my mind;

They can link the servers up using the bungeecord config on cubed and to switch back to the servers you can do /server cubed and /server games
18 hours ago
It says my phone number is invalid anyways

they probably blocked it from their systems
17 days ago
If he made them then it wouldnt be classed as stealing, because he made them
24 days ago
I don't really like this idea since if anyone wants to play warzone, they would need to leave the server and then join warzone, if they are bored then they need to go back and forth checking if there are any of their "friends" online or checking if warzone or other minigames is active. That's just my opinion.
I check whos online on my Friends list all the time because I get very lonely so I dont like the idea of Seperate proxies either.
24 days ago
Thats... Thats just unfair. The cubedcraft discord probably has a lot of people who are under 13 or are about to turn 13. And snitching is just going to give you a bad reputation.
It also blocked my Phone number from the database so If i try to verify my number It says Invalid Phone Number.
24 days ago