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about 1 year ago
What would you say is the most underrated player server?

Yeah. Was that your ps?

about 1 year ago
why am I banned from literally every ps

A lot of "random" servers are owned by young people, who have no experience in running a server.
I notice that many ban people on sight because they don’t know how a whitelist works.

That also explains the default message; they don’t care who you are and why you joined, you’re just a person who has nothing to do on their private survival server.

about 1 year ago
What would you say is the most underrated player server?

I don’t know the name of it, but there was a server that was basically a FPS.
I have absolutely 0 knoweledge when it comes to FPS games, so I can’t tell what game’s copy it was, but it was really well-balanced and actually playable.
The map was nice, and it was working really well. I wonder why I never saw it again.

Almost every current server is either kitpvp, genpvp or minepvp, so I can’t really say there is a server that stands out except grow, and that’s probably why it is so popular.

over 3 years ago
PS File manager issue


I'm currently working on a Player Server that will include some PVE. I need custom mobs for that, but I would also like to make custom drops.

I know how to make custom mobs, and I have it almost working already.
The issue is with the custom drops. I know in vanilla minecraft you can use loot tables. These works well on vanilla singleplayer (by adding a JSon file in the correct world folder) but I can't get it to work on the Ps :I
To be precise, the Json file to create a loot table should be placed in
world > data > loot_table > mctools > entities
But the "data" folder doesn't contain any "loot_table" folder :I Yeah that sounds stupid I know. Because I can't find a way to create a folder in the file manager. There is a [new FILE] button. But not [new FOLDER] button. Am I being stupid here?

If someone knows how to create a new folder, or simply if there another way I can do the same thing, please help!

I heard that I can do that with skript, but I like using the vanilla features, I'm more used to these. And I don't know how to use Skrip...

Thanks for helping :P

over 3 years ago
Just an idea i had for the player servers

Doffen if I understand correctly,
You would like to make players on PS able to OP if allowed by the owner?

This was a thing around one month ago and was removed. The reason is pretty simple, if you let your staff team OP people on your PS, even if they are good trusted staff, they might OP by accident a griefer who is pretending to help. Or mabe one of your trusted staff member is, in fact, a griefer who is waiting for the perfect moment to come with his friends and destroy the server.

I can understand that the you think PS owners should be fully responsible for the safety on their servers (like they were a month ago) but I'm pretty sure a responsible owner won't give his staff ability to OP other players.
You should also keep in mind that a lot of the PS owners are young, and they might seriously destroy their server if they could allow people to op.

If you have a co-owner on your PS, there might still be a thing you can do tho, if your friend is REALLY trusted (your know him irl or you met him a long time ago/on another server?) you may allow him to access the control panel of your PS.*
If you do that, you'll give FULL access to your PS, that means he can delete it in one click if he wants to, so better be careful.

I hope I helped, enjoy the game!


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