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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 6
Kills 29
Deaths 49
Coins 195
Exp 484
Wool 1
K/D Ratio 0.59
Statistic Value
Wins 1
Kills 0
Deaths 14
Coins 50
Exp 6
K/D Ratio 0


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(It’s like CustomEnchants & CrazyEnchants)

TokenEnchant is a paid plugin!

This plugin provides an Enchantment Sign, which a player would right-click to enchant an item he is holding. A player would need in-plugin tokens to enchant an item. You can specify what sort of enchantments you wish to provide, and which enchantment should be applied to what type of items in a config.yml.

You can also specify how cost of enchantment at different level will increase. At the moment there are two increment scheme:
  • Constant: cost = base-cost
  • Linear: cost = base-cost + (level * base-cost)
  • Exponential: cost = base-cost + base-cost*level^exponent
The enchantment sign will display the amount of token a player would need. This sign is individually displayed. The player just needs to look at the sign with an item, which he wishes to enchant, in his hand. Then an appropriate token cost will be automatically displayed on the sign.

When you merging enchantments using an anvil on 1.8.x server, name change won't be picked up.

Command Alias:
  • With new Token Alias Commands, you can use external plugins like Backpack plugin and use Tokens to give those features to players!

Test Server: 
Supported Enchantments / PotionEffects (some are free and some are premium or sold separately):

  • Power (ARROW_DAMAGE)
  • Flame (ARROW_FIRE)
  • Infinity (ARROW_INFINITE)
  • Sharpness (DAMAGE_ALL)
  • BaneOfArthropods (DAMAGE_ARTHROPODS)
  • Depth / Depthstrider (DEPTH_STRIDER)
  • Efficiency (DIG_SPEED)
  • Unbreaking (DURABILITY)
  • FireAspect (FIRE_ASPECT)
  • Frost / FrostWalker (FROST_WALKER)
  • Knockback (KNOCKBACK)
  • Fortune (LOOT_BONUS_BLOCK)
  • Looting (LOOT_BONUS_MOBS)
  • Luck (LUCK)
  • Lure (LURE)
  • Mending / Repair (MENDING)
  • Repiration (OXYGEN)
  • FeatherFall (PROTECTION_FALL)
  • FireProtection (PROTECTION_FIRE)
  • Silktouch (SILK_TOUCH)
  • Thorns (THORNS)
  • AquaAffinity (WATER_WORKER)
  • Sweeping / SweepingEdge (SWEEPING_EDGE)
  • Binding / BindingCurse (BINDING_CURSE)
  • Vanishing / VanishingCurse (VANISHING_CURSE)
  • Loyalty (LOYALTY)
  • Impaling (IMPALING)
  • Riptide (RIPTIDE)
  • Channeling / Channelling (CHANNELING)
  • Haste (Bukkit name: FAST_DIGGING)
  • Speed (aka Gears) (Bukkit name: SPEED) :
  • Nightvision (aka Glowing) (Bukkit name: NIGHT_VISION) :
  • Jump (aka Springs , Anti Gravity) (Bukkit name: JUMP) :
  • Regeneration (Bukkit name: REGENERATION);
  • FireResistance (aka Obsidian Shield with duration: -1) (Bukki name: FIRE_RESISTANCE) :
  • DamageResist (Bukkit name: DAMAGE_RESISTANCE
  • Aqua (Bukkit name: WATER_BREATHING)
  • Saturation (Bukkit name: SATURATION)
  • HealthBoost (Bukkit name: HEALTH_BOOST)
  • MiningFatigue (Bukkit name: SLOW_DIGGING)
  • Strength (Bukkit name: INCREASE_DAMAGE)
  • Blindness (Bukkit name: BLINDNESS)
  • Confusion (Bukkit name: Confusion)
  • Harm (aka Instant Damage, Bukkit name: HARM)
  • Hunger (Bukkit name: HUNGER)
  • Poison (aka Poisoned) (Bukkit name: POISON)
  • Slow (Bukkit name: SLOW)
  • Weakness (aka Voodoo) (Bukkit name: WEAKNESS)
  • Wither (Bukkit name: WITHER)
  • Molten (custom : attacker catches fire)
  • Fly (custom effect : item holder can fly)
  • Explosive : this is a custom effect, which will blow up surrounding blocks. It has an option of auto smelt. This Explosive effect works with MineResetLitePlus's mined block counting as well as Lucky Block feature!
  • Excavation : this is a custom effect, It is just like Explosive but it will remove entire cuboid
  • Sphered : this is a custom effect, It is just like Explosive but it will remove entire sphere
  • BedrockBreaker (custom: allow you to break a bedrock block)
  • Disk : this is a custom effect, which will blow up surrounding blocks in circular form with 1 block deep.
  • Tile: this is a custom effect, which will blow up surrounding blocks in square form with 1 block deep.
  • GrapplingBow : this is a custom effect, which allow a player to shoot an arrow for grappling.
  • Universal : this is a custom effect, which allow your tool to automatically morph into an appropriate tool depending on what you're doing.
  • Hook : this is a custom effect, which allow a player to use fishing rod to grapple or fish living entities.
  • MobDrops : this is a custom effect. With this effect, when you kill a mob, the mob will drop some extra goodies!
  • MineBuddy : this custom effect allow you to have a mining buddy. All you mined will automatically sent to your mining buddy's inventory.
  • Throw : if you enchant your item with this effect, you can throw it to give a damage! Be like Ninja!
  • AttackDeflector : This custom effect will allow you to deflect attacks including arrow!
  • SoulBound : If you enchant your item with this effect, the item will stay in your inventory when you die. Also other people cannot pick it up.
  • Teleport : You can mark the destination of teleportation, and flick of your enchanted tool, you can teleport back to the defined location or to the top of the mine.
  • Expelliarmus : Disarm your opponent!
  • LuckyMining : If you enchant your tool with this effect, you might get lucky and get some prizes!
  • SquirtleWaterGun : Shoot water gun like Squirtle!
  • PikachuThunder : Electric damage like Pikachu!
  • GroundPound : Are you ungry? Pound the ground!
  • Freedom : Fireworks for Freedom!
  • Flame : lit the fire after you mined.
  • Inquisitive : get more EXP orbs upon mob killing.
  • AutoSell : automatically sell all items in your inventory and VKBackPack.
  • Guardian : upon taking damage, it will spawn your guardian mob (like PigZombie, IronGolem) to fight for your and protect you!
  • Lumberjack : just break one block of a tree and connected tree blocks and leave blocks get cut down too!
  • TNT : you can cause TNT-like explosion with Bow/Arrow or simply breaking a block. (you can mine those exploded block if you have auto pick up plugin!)
  • Lightning (aka Thundering Blow): You strike Lightning and cause TNT-like explosion! You can also use it for mining as well.
  • Drill : You can drill vertically or horizontally. The size of drilling hole can be controlled by the level of enchantment.
  • RetainEXP : Retain your exp upon your death. You simply carry an item which was enchanted with RetainEXP enchant in your inventory or armours/tools.
  • ItemFishing : fish/steal an item your opponent/mob is currently holding!!
  • AntiKnockback : Prevents being knocked back.
  • Vampire : Suck your opponent's health when you attack him/her
  • FakeLag : cause your opponent to lag like crazy!
  • Repel : repels your opponents and hostile mobs.
  • Piercing : pierce through opponent's armour!
  • Ramming : charge towards your opponent when you attack to increase the damage!
  • Blast (aka Shockwave) : blast off nearby players and hostile mobs!
  • ShotGun : shoot multiple arrows in one go!
  • AutoBlocking : automatically turn dust/ore into blocks when your inventory/backpack is full.
  • Invisibility : make you invisible. (vanilla invisibility effect)
  • Ninja : disappear like a Ninja!!
  • QuickTrap : quickly trap your opponent with cob webs!
  • HealingBow : heal your friend by shooting with this enchant bow.
  • Camouflage : allows you to blend into the environment as long as you sneak and don't move!
  • Frozen : apply slowness to the attacker.
  • MolotovCocktail : enchant a Bow with this and get the petrol bomb effect.
  • SkillSwipe : take your opponent's exp when you attack!
  • Rage : ComboAttack (consecutive attack without being damaged) will increase your attack damage!
  • MoreHearts (aka Overload) : higher level of enchant will give you more hearts (you can go over 10 hearts!)
  • HeadBlow : 1 hit kill with direct hit to the head!
  • Toxic : give poison effect to your attacker!
  • Trickstar : quickly teleport to the behind your opponent!
  • Hardened : decrease durability loss on your armour!
  • Death bringer (aka Double Strike) (by @ThePurpleHoser) : double your attack damage!
  • Enlightened (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Opposite to Deathbringer Enchant! You can reverse the damage into gaining health!
  • Implants (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Recover health and hunger overtime you take a step with this enchant!
  • PlungerClimber (by @ThePurpleHoser) : You can climb up the wall with plunger climber enchanted tool!
  • SecureLoot (by @ThePurpleHoser) : You can secure loot (from breaking chests/containers and killing mobs/players) with this enchant so that other cannot pick up your loot!
  • Curse (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Curse your attacker with this enchant! It will give them mining fatigue!
  • Decapitate (aka Headless) : Decapitate players and mobs' heads!
  • KillReward : receive rewards by killing!
  • NoPushing : prevent from being pushed around!
  • AutoSmelt : automatically smelt mined ore.
  • AutoCook : automatically cook caught fish and killed animals.
  • PickPocket : steal money/item from other player! it also includes "anti" pickpocket enchant!
  • Tame : instantly tame a tameable animal!
  • MobSpawnerEgg : Mine a mob spawner and get it as a MobSpawnerEgg!!
  • Voodoo : Use ArmorStand +Voodoo head to give another player damage!
  • FrostWalker (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Creates frost blocks when walking over water
  • Slicing (aka JackHammer, by @ThePurpleHoser) : Explode entire layer(s)!!
  • SkullDigger (aka LuckyBlock digger, by @ThePurpleHoser) : Dig out skull/player head blocks instantly!!
  • McMMOExp : Multiply McMMO Experience gain! Higher level = more gain!
  • Elytra : Elytra like feature for 1.7, 1.8 server! (you can use it on 1.9 server too!)
  • LuckyExcavation (aka Concentrate excavation, by @ThePurpleHoser) : You can get random rewards from Spade-Excavation! Higher level = more drops!!
  • Boomerang : Throw your weapon to attack and your weapon will return to you when its job is done!
  • Blunt : Give extra durability damage to your attacker's weapon!
  • SlipperyHand : Make your opponent's hands slippery and make him lose his item from his hand!
  • PumpkinHead (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Being un-noticed by Endermen with this enchantment!
  • MagmaWalker (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Creates obsidian blocks when walking over lava
  • StomperBoots : Break/mine a block by stomping on it!
  • EvokerFangs (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Attack like Evoker!! Fangs will reach out to your opponent and bite them!
  • OreSeeker (aka Vein Mining) : Let this enchant to seek other similar ores around you!
  • Laser (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Swing of tool will cast laser of an item (such as Pumpkin), which will cause explosion!
  • Slaughter (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Kill multiple mobs in the merged/stacked mobs!! Higher enchant, more kills!
  • Unbreakable : Simply making an item unbreakable
  • Melee : Sneak up from behind and kill! in HALO style!
  • CrossExplosion (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Explode blocks in a cross pattern.
  • Barbarian (by @ThePurpleHoser) : You can throw an item to give damage to your oponent.
  • BodyBreaker (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Give durability damage twice the rate.
  • BoneBreaker (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Knocks back the enemy!
  • BoostingBoots (by @ThePurpleHoser) : when running this enchant has a chance to get speed effect.
  • BrothersGuard (by @ThePurpleHoser) : allows you to get absorption hearts when you wear full armor set with this enchantment.
  • BurnBabyBurn (by @ThePurpleHoser) : When an arrow hit an enemy, it will remove enemy's FireResistance.
  • Burner (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Smelts the ores as you mine them.
  • ChainDrag (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Pulls your enemy close to you.
  • Chainmail (by @ThePurpleHoser) : A chance of taking less damage when you get attacked
  • Chiseled (by @ThePurpleHoser) : gives you mroe loot upon mining.
  • ChocolateVision (by @ThePurpleHoser) : See the names of anyone using invis pots
  • CloudWaking (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Neglects all fall damage.
  • Collector (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you a better looting effect
  • Concentrate (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you a high chance of recovering diamonds from excavation. 
  • DarkenedDiamond (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a chance of wither 1 effect to an enemy.
  • DawnOfDarkness (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a chance to mildly blind someone
  • DeathGrinder (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you double the EXP for swords MCMMO than usual
  • Decay (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Sickens your enemy with the wither effect as well a poison
  • Desecrate (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Destroying your enemies armor very fast but weapon breaks once your enemies armor does
  • Desolation (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Protect you but also destroys the attacker's weapon!
  • DevilsKiss (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a chance of taking away your hearts
  • Dexterity (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Once in combat with the weapon you get small speed boost.
  • DialsDia (by @ThePurpleHoser) : This enchant allows you to right click your pickaxe and it faces you in the direction of the closest diamonds.
  • DiamondTip (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Does more durability damage to armor than regular shots
  • DiggingBoots (by @ThePurpleHoser) : When jumping, you mine the block down one when you land on top of it.
  • Disarmed (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a chance when shooting an enemy to drop whatever they're holding at the time.
  • ElderBow (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Use your wisdom to fire multiple arrows at your struggling target!.
  • ElderPowers (by @ThePurpleHoser) : The use of your knowledge has given you the ability to craft these powerful pant to increase your armors durability when being hit by an axe.
  • EnderScape (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a small chance of teleporting to escape when about to die .
  • Enragement (by @ThePurpleHoser) : if you drop below 3 hearts you have a chance of gaining str 4 for 5 seconds activated on use.
  • ExplosiveDeath (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives the sound and effect of TNT and deals the damage and knockback of TNT as well
  • ExplosiveTip (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • FearInFire (by @ThePurpleHoser) : These boots when in use release a fierce fire effect scarring off enemies while giving you regen!.
  • FedTooLittle (by @ThePurpleHoser) : This decrease the hunger of the enemy at an alarming rate.
  • FlakJacket (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Neglects all TNT damage and knockback effects when hit with TNT or exploded near you. 
  • FrozenBlade (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • Gluttony (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you full hunger bars so there is no need to eat.
  • GodlyGuard (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you a chance to only take half the damage normally when using block hitting.
  • GrapplingRod (by @ThePurpleHoser) : this enchant when cast out drags you to where the bobber on the fishing rod lands.
  • GravityDefiance (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Once you're in combat, it has a chance to throw your enemy into the air making them take fall damage.
  • Grinder (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives a chance to double the efficiency of the pickaxe.
  • HandyHearts (by @ThePurpleHoser) : This enchant will give you a chance to get an absorption heart when you hit by an enemy. 
  • HeadButt (by @ThePurpleHoser) : This enchant can stun your opponent.
  • HelpingBlade (by @ThePurpleHoser) : When you attack your enemy with this enchant, it can heal non-enemy player. 
  • KittyCannon (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Swinging your weapon to send a cat out of of your tool! When the cat hits a player, s/he will get damage. 
  • KnowledgeOfElder (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you extra hearts (depending on the level)
  • Laceration (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Cuts deep into your enemies armor giving a chance of dealing more damage.
  • LegDay (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Gives you more speed.
  • LuckyDrop (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Increases the number of drops according the level.
  • Mace (by @ThePurpleHoser) : When using this against an enemy player, it can do up to 1 heart of damage no matter what the gear is.
  • Martyrdom
  • MobSwatter
  • MoneyBlade
  • Mooncrest
  • MysticalBlade (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • Neglect
  • NightWalker
  • Over9000
  • PiercingSpeed
  • PoisonAura
  • PutridDeath
  • QuakeTip
  • Reconstruct
  • RedSkyAtNight
  • RegenAura
  • Rejuvenate
  • Ricochet
  • SandSmelter
  • Savage
  • SecondChance
  • SharpenedIce
  • Sharpen
  • ShotsFired
  • SirenShot
  • SpeedTheory
  • Springs
  • StarvingEdge
  • StrengthAura
  • Summoner
  • Suncrest
  • SwiftAura
  • Tank
  • TightLine
  • Titanium (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • Trample
  • TribpleDrop
  • TripleHook
  • TrueStrength (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • Voltage
  • WhisperOfWind (by @ThePurpleHoser) :
  • WinOrLose
  • ArmoredTank :
  • Sentimental (by @ThePurpleHoser) : like SoulBound but not bounded to a player, whoever holds the item with enchant can claim its sentimental value.
  • HalloweeenBats (by @ThePurpleHoser): If you have an item/armor with this enchantment, it will spawn bats around you when you attack or get attacked. Spawned bats will automatically be despawned.
  • HalloweenMagmaTrail (by @ThePurpleHoser): This enchant will leave a trail of magma blocks on the floor. The trail will automatically be put back to the original blocks. A player will not get damaged from the magma blocks as long as the trail belongs to the player.
  • HalloweenFlameEffect (by @ThePurpleHoser): If you have an item/armor with this enchantment, it will repeatedly spawn the mobspawner flames around you.
  • HalloweenWitherBow (by @ThePurpleHoser): If you shoot with a bow with this enchantment, it will shoot a witherskull instead of an arrow, and the witherskull will give damage only to a living entity and leave surrounding blocks without any damages.
  • MultipleCatch (by @ThePurpleHoser) : When you fish, the number of caught fish multiplies based on your enchantment level.
  • AutoSellMultiplier (by @TheGuildsPlugin) : Custom Enchant for increasing AutoSell Multiplier!
  • Antidote (by @ThePurpleHoser) : This enchant will protect you from bad splash/lingering potions!
  • LightningTip (by @TheGuildsPlugin) : This plugin contains a custom enchantment effect that allows you to cause an lightning upon attack using a projectile (arrow) with this enchant.
  • MoreExp (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Yields more exp orbs depending on the level of enchantment.
  • CustomFishing (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Yields customised catches. You can define chances and type of possible items to be caught in config.yml.
  • Ignite (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Chance to light your attacker on fire when hit.
  • Nocturnal (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Chance to cancel incoming damage during nighttime.
  • Diurnal (by @ThePurpleHoser) : Chance to cancel incoming damage during daytime.

Once you set the configuration, you just need to create an enchant sign:
  • to place "Enchant" sign, you need to write !Enchant! in the 1st line, the placeholder "{ench_cost}" will be used to automatically display an appropriate cost.
  • to place "Exchange" sign, you need to write !Exchange! in the 1st line
  • to place "Withdraw" sign, you need to write !Withdraw! in the 1st line and the exchange rate placeholder "{ex_rate}" will be replaced by the exchange rate you defined in the config.yml.
  • to place "ExpExchange" sign, you need to write !ExpExch! in the 1st line and the exp exchange rate placeholder "{exp_rate}" will be replaced by the EXP exchange rate you defined in the config.yml.
  • to place "Repair" sign, you need to write !Repair! in the 1st line

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