Royal SDMichelle


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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 390
Kills 2020
Deaths 2431
Coins 10650
Exp 43969
Wool 1117
K/D Ratio 0.83
Statistic Value
Wins 22
Kills 11
Deaths 31
Coins 1068
Exp 144
K/D Ratio 0.35


ok i have a PlayerServer Called DateCraft and i would like to have an "/Marry" Command so the ps got better can u plz add it i need it so much. i hope you would add it! thx if you help me
about 1 year ago
Ok So U know the Ranks are Not Lifetimed ye well i Think More people want to buy ranks if the ranks become LifeTime again. because i dont think some one like to miss they ranks because its a mothly thing. well i hope cubed get Lifetime ranks (AGAIN).

mvh Hello
about 1 year ago