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God TheRetroGamer_YT [sad]


2 months ago
can you come back to hello12345? 1.8? please, you were my friend.
3 months ago
hai assholes


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 2 0 -
Sand 1 0 -
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Snow 1 0 -
Ores 1 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Granite 1 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 7
Kills 25
Deaths 96
Coins 346
Exp 569
Wool 0
K/D Ratio 0.26
Statistic Value
Wins 4
Kills 0
Deaths 22
Coins 200
Exp 24
K/D Ratio 0


Yeah, you have to understand that your life is YOUR life. You didn't have to get the rank, it was your money and what you did? You bought it. How do you blame us for taking your savings if it was your choice and you decided to buy the rank, it makes no sense. By the way, sorry for your medical conditions, hope you get better.

Im not blaming you i am blaming the owner/s specifically for encouraging people to buy ranks that mostly dont even do fuck all
about 1 month ago
Though u would know about /ignore rn

i do
about 1 month ago
This server has ruined my life, corrupted me and made me dark on the inside. I am horrible to people and I feel really bad but its most of you guys's fault.
Here are my last words towards the server: 
I have had enough on this server, you took most of my savings off me for a rank with only 2 servers and now I am being tricked because of my medical conditions and most of my friends irl know I have memory issues but they still bully me like most of the people do on the server and some of them people are staff so to actually think that this is happening I am done with this server.

I will be back when I get over this. For now, bye.
about 1 month ago
The following People bullying me for a while
(ItsJustGigan, Apleo, guinypiglover, Quackytime, IDamqge, gizmonster, BlueScope819, and 8mrsteel)been bullying me sends me death threats calls me fat says they will f my mom and dad I would like if you would stop with this... ive been Half Blind for 2-3 months
(YoVamp has been bullying me too but now hes nice) (REPEATING) I would like if you would stop this also Commodore640 and TPQ08 Stop with the bullying as well and rumors, MiniSparki helped me calm down just to know please stop with this, Thank You,

- URL_

bluescope used a fucking grabify link on me
about 1 month ago
Staff, I'm just making sure, you do respond when someone is punished, right?

they clearly dont
about 1 month ago



Killer I Get 25 kills about 1 month ago