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Hello, Im Vamp & I got into playing minecraft & skripting when I was 9, & when I came to America. I came to America because my home town, Bangladesh, was poor, so me & my family came here. Now, I program games & try my best to get the best community I can. I got into games because all of my friends were in Bangladesh, I used to socialize A LOT in Bangladesh, it was my place to live & have fun! But, sadly when I came here, I had no one to talk to, don't meet any new people, or talk to anyone. English was a pain for me, but I got into it, & eventually got friends in-game. No friends outside games, & thats pretty sad. But, after all, I made it, & Im supprised about that fact.




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It's fine... but, number doesn't really matter... still, I think you can just skript it or search for a download / skript file. Just download it & see before you reply...
about 1 month ago
On Join Book-Open
I was bored today, so I just made this forum topic!
I made this pretty cool skript, so I wanted to share it with you, and you can get it if you want!

The skript makes it when a player joins or joins for the first time, they see a book auto-open! (Book item isn't shown)

» [FREE] «
     Click » HERE« to see it!
Thanks for Reading
about 1 month ago
I agree with Mason... Why can't he do this? Is there a "copyright" strike from you are something? You never know if he copied from you... he may have, most likely not probs. In my opinion, I think It was no ones idea, really.

A lot of games have the "Battle Pass", doesn't mean they're all copying...
about 1 month ago

This is very easy to do. Here's the Group Manager skript version for that:
on rightclick:
    if held item is a paper:
        execute console command "manuaddp %player% (Perm Here)"
        send "&6You have the (Rank) rank now!"
        remove player's held item from player's inventory

But, if you don't use Group Manager, replace "manuaddp %player% (Perm Here)" with the command to put someone in a group/rank. When you have to put an IGN in a place in the command, put %player% there.

about 1 month ago

I've used this plugin before, so I have some experience. Here's my opinions:

1. Not really useful, kind of a waste of ps space
2. You can easily skript this in maybe 25 minutes (You don't need to pay a skript dev to do this xD)

Sorry, I have only 2 opinions. Here's 2 skripts that you can get for TrollCommands++ but in skript...
First, get the plugins Skript & SkQuery, then get these & put it in a skript file:
Now, download it & copy and paste the skript from those, and put them in 2 Cubedcraft skript files! And.. boom! You got TrollCommands++ but in skript!
about 1 month ago
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