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about 1 month ago
Can you help me with some web dev?
6 months ago
11 months ago
Hello, Im Vamp & I got into playing minecraft & skripting when I was 9, & when I came to America. I came to America because my home town, Bangladesh, was poor, so me & my family came here. Now, I program games & try my best to get the best community I can. I got into games because all of my friends were in Bangladesh, I used to socialize A LOT in Bangladesh, it was my place to live & have fun! But, sadly when I came here, I had no one to talk to, don't meet any new people, or talk to anyone. English was a pain for me, but I got into it, & eventually got friends in-game. No friends outside games, & thats pretty sad. But, after all, I made it, & Im supprised about that fact.


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 0 0 -
Hell 0 0 -
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Grassland 0 0 -
Techno 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Candyland 0 0 -
Western 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 284
Kills 2852
Deaths 3770
Coins 1559
Exp 48725
Wool 589
K/D Ratio 0.76
Statistic Value
Wins 3
Kills 0
Deaths 24
Coins 22
Exp 14
K/D Ratio 0


GG. 1.15 might have 1.8 PvP too heart_eyes. The only reason I never get on any version higher than 1.8 is because of 1.9 PvP. 1.9 PvP is horrible, and it makes me worse at PvP. Once Minecraft brings back 1.8 PvP to the newer versions that they have been recently released, I would get on them all the time.

P.S ~
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about 1 month ago
The server randomly stops whenever I disconnect.
I never know why this is.
It is very dissapointing.

Thats the PS function. If no one is on your server for 5 minutes straight, the playerserver automatically stops. But, since you're Noble rank, you could get on ur playerserver and stay afk to keep your playerserver on. If this function wasn't a thing, then the playerserver nodes would crash every day.
about 1 month ago

Try contacting Porama directly through Discord. It'll be faster in that way.
3 months ago
Theres NamelessHosting... But, I guess it's fine?
5 months ago
May I ask, why do this here? xD
5 months ago