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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 0 0 -
Sand 0 0 -
Hell 0 0 -
Labyrinth 0 0 -
Grassland 0 0 -
Techno 0 0 -
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 0 0 -
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Candyland 0 0 -
Western 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 459
Kills 4223
Deaths 2863
Coins 1693
Exp 86499
Wool 2484
K/D Ratio 1.48
Statistic Value
Wins 0
Kills 0
Deaths 7
Coins 0
Exp 0
K/D Ratio 0


papers21 warned for Necroposting.

7 months ago

Firstly, I'd like to begin with your argument: "ALL ps' are in norwegian region".
That is false.
Yes, most servers are in the Norwegian region, however, over 20% of the PlayerServers aren't, me included.

Secondly, I'm no developer, but I think the PlayerServers are in the Norweigan region because that is where they are hosted, by Partydragen. 
I'll be sure to notify you whenever we're planning to make such changes.

Be sure to contact me privately for any regards,
Yours best,
7 months ago

Thank you for suggesting your ideas!
I'll be going through all of your suggestions carefully and will inspect each one and tell you what I think about them.

Have you guys ever heard of minehut? Have you heard of their new interface? Basically, I just want that kind of style on cubedcraft's interface. Its in my opinion very nice and somewhat similar to minehut's interface. But, what i'm trying to tell you is that try and add a more user friendly interface to cubedcraft too. Here is a sketch I made to make you understand what I mean:
Yes, it could look look like a ripoff, but maybe the player can choose a theme from their settings that changes the interface and theme of"
Although I do think CubedCraft needs to upgrade its PlayerServers website interface, I object the idea of taking Minehut's interface, due to the current interface being fairly organized & being worked on steadily by our developers.

You may be familiar that you can not use /ban or /mute because they are for the cubed staff only. Well im thinking of moving that to a new command like for ex: /aban or /ab which stands for adminban. So the cubed craft's administrasive commands don't interfere with the playerservers commands."
Perfectly said, I support this suggestion & would love to see it added to CubedCraft!

Sometimes a playerserver gets griefed. and they don't have coreprotect or even worse got possibly erased. So, maybe if a player has a valid account, they can go and revert the server x amount of times ago. And higher ranked players can revert even further back. Like Free: 1 week Noble: 2 Weeks Royal: 3 Weeks God: 3 Weeks VIP: 4 Weeks"
Players should be careful & recommended by the PlayerServer itself or the CubedCraft staff members to install the CoreProtect plugin to prevent such scenarios from happening, although this would also make for an excellent option.
I also think that players should all be able to revert the server fairly, let's say: 2 weeks.
PlayerServers may only sustain damage from the high-rank privileges.


Some servers just want to join with their own personal ip like <server> just bring it back!"
The option was never removed.
If you're encountering a bug, please report it.


Some servers worked  hard for their website. So when a user clicks it, it can show them what it is about. It can help reduce advertising in the lobby. Also the voting page somehow does not display the images and the links don't go to the website so they just don't work. Remember to fix that!"
Will inform the developers, be sure to make a Bug Report next time.

Overall, I find your suggestions fascinating and intriguing and would love to see more of them in the near future.
Have a good day,
7 months ago

We often overestimate the age at which an individual is sufficiently developed to take on more responsibilities. Biologically speaking, an organism needs time to grow to maturity. As we grow older, we get more experience. The more experience, the more knowledge we gain.

While it's true that younger individuals can go through rough experiences, between the ages you stated (11-12), the body hormones aren't fully developed, which will result in them not gaining the knowledge to solve those experiences as much as a teenager above the age of 14 does.

To sum it all up - age has a connection to maturity. 
Which is why we, the staff team, agreed that exceptional applications regarding below the age of 15 has an opportunity to be accepted.

8 months ago

For obvious reasons, I'm going to support CombatMC. He did give you a chance to prove yourself worthy as a player who doesn't use any blacklisted modifications, yet, you refused.

I should also add that your refusal was illogical, as regarding to CombatMC's question, why didn't you have no time to screenshare?

The best I can do for you right now is to tell you to think about what you possibly did, and to wait out the ban term by focusing on other things rather than CubedCraft.

Best regards, Null.
8 months ago