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10 months ago
When did I advertise @NeedMason?
11 months ago
still waiting for that ban. . .



Heyo Vamp!

Now, I totally agree that this could be a cool plugin and all, but there is some downfall. 

1: Players may have to get used to a new plugin. 
People may be using groupmanager, or something along those lines,
and may want to switch to the "better" or "easier" permissions plugin.

2: There is already a few permissions plugins/along those lines.
Things like GroupManager, PermissionsEX, and Skript, do the same thing,
and you can do the same thing but can even be better. Like, with skript,
(if you know it) you can make such thing a lot more customizable, than

the other plugins.

3: There is more, but I'm not going to list them.

Overall, I really think it's up to Party. After all, each plugin has its goods and it's bads. 
I think it could be a good edition to the plugin list. We'll see.

~ Mason

15 days ago
In this case, it is the chat being reported, so there doesn't necessarily need to be a video.

Although they only said one disrespectful thing (assuming from the screenshot) I don't think there would be too serious of a punishment. I'm guessing the staff will only warn the player.

I guess just wait and see.

~ Mason
16 days ago
Hia everyone! I've seen that quite a few people have found my last skript tutorial helpful; today, I will be showing you a few name things, and from request, how to make a menu. Let's get into it!
Remember, before we get into it, if you have not seen my previous tutorial, go ahead and check up on it. I will be following up on it, so make sure to read it. 
Skript also allows you to make custom commands. Let me tell you how:

Now, we are not going to start out with an event this time, but rather, your command:

command /text:

Now, /text is just our testing. Like before, remember to put a colon, and don't forget, 4 spaces, or 1 tab, and do not switch them up. 

Now, after your command, go crazy.

command /text:
    trigger: <-- Every command needs a trigger.
        if {money.%player%} is 100:
            send "You have exactly 100 dollars in your account."

^ Is an example. You do it kind of like an event, or on break for following back, just remember, commands have a TRIGGER.
Now, how do we make a menu? Making menus can be hard, so I am going to leave you on the BASICS for it.

Now, menus can be triggered by events or commands, it does not matter. Slots in a menu start at 0. 

<> is required.
-- is optional.
() options + required

command /menu:
        format slot 0 of player with <item> -NAMED: ??- -WITH LORE: ?-  to (CLOSE/RUN) (if close: -THEN: RUN-) [execute CONSOLE/PLAYER command "<command>"]

Ignore this -></command></item>

Sorry if it is a little confusing, you will learn.
There you go, a little more insight. If you still need help, I will make more tutorials, with new things. If you need personal help with skript, contact me on discord, Masonnn#3343. 

Thanks, again, best of luck!

~ Mason

21 days ago
Yo dude, you should not keep posting one word to get your forum thing on the first page, just wait patiently until someone responds, I mean if it is left weeks, then maybe remind them of it, but you should not do that every day lol. 

(I am sure they have looked at it)
21 days ago
Oh and, if you want me to do a tutorial on any other plugins, feel free to also respond, or message me on discord!
23 days ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 30 5 24.952s
Sand 12 6 63.004s
Hell 23 12 197.762s
Labyrinth 17 7 68.988s
Grassland 11 2 50.893s
Techno 8 3 664.109s
Snow 21 4 38.300s
Ores 16 0 52.602s
Palace 12 3 41.004s
MetalMachine 14 6 40.610s
Candyland 4 0 -
Western 7 0 201.677s
Granite 1 0 45.342s
Tower 1 0 85.619s
Statistic Value
Wins 632
Kills 2087
Deaths 7342
Coins 3066
Exp 59308
Wool 3380
K/D Ratio 0.28
Statistic Value
Wins 7
Kills 0
Deaths 16
Coins 14
Exp 14
K/D Ratio 0