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about 1 year ago
Hello, i'm Red. I love doing command block creations. I mainly do custom weapons. I don't do plugins, only vanilla commands (essentials sucks). <3

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about 1 year ago
Got banned by a book

I was playing with a friend on his server, and we wanted to go my my personal server (not cubedcraft server). I wrote the ip address in a book, but as soon as I finished, I was banned from cubed for 5 days. The reason was "advertising". I do believe that I should not have been banned, but more importantly i belive that this could be exploited. I have not tried this, but I think that if you used /give to give a player a book and quill with an ip address in it, they could be banned. If any mods see this, could i please be unbanned? I alredy put in a ban application but i know those can take a while.


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