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about 1 month ago
Cloak999's Ultimate RPG Kit (WIP)

I'm tired of seeing people make box servers. This kit allows you to, with one Copy-paste, to create your own RPG.


You can see all the features and download links on my Trello! It will contain tons of simple skript functions which allow you to create the base of your own RPG server

What it doesn't include: Skills, Music, Bosses, Mobnodes (use spawners), Classes, and Health Meters

What it does include: Weapons, Armor, Levels

The command to access your code is RPGCL

This does not support guishop

This "subplugin" may be a bit lacking, but hey, your supposed to learn how to code not steal everything from the internet

Access the Subplugin using


(Missing basically everything, come back when im not tired)

3 months ago
Shopkeepers are completely broken.

I don't know what happened if you switched versions or something but shopkeepers are fully broken. Shopkeepers when opened display no items due to a bugged version and the only time items show up is if you are on 1.16

This is not a server issue, this bug effects every single 1.8 server that uses the Shopkeepers plugin

4 months ago
Shopkeepers in 1.8.9 not working!

Try to toggle your debug mode on and tell any errors or notes that it says

4 months ago
Shopkeepers in 1.8.9 not working!

Ok let me explain why it isn't working

1. You said you switched your server from 1.16 to 1.8, this breaks a lot of things.

From prior knowledge of DragMC, I changed the version to 1.12, some things broke so I changed it back

Let me explain why the shopkeepers didn't work.

When your server is updated, some things in your shop has to be changed as items went through changes between 1.8 and 1.12, There is a corrupted item or errors in your Shopkeepers Shops that is returning Null thus causing the shop to not work. I know this because I reinstalled shopkeepers and pasted my shop and it didn't work. Try to look for a way to find the corrupted shop item and delete it to fix your server.

4 months ago
How Do You Download Your World?

click the download button, its to the right of the edit button


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