XRun is a fast paced, action packed minigame designed to truly test your reactions. Race against others in order to complete the map in the fastest time, but try not to get knocked off the path!

XRun Maps


Stone 83%
Grassland 75%
Snow 83%
Ores 80%
Palace 81%
Granite 75%
Tower 68%


Sand 71%
Labyrinth 64%
Western 77%


Hell 66%
Candyland 63%


Techno 74%

Latest XRun Runs

XRun on map Sand
Winner: NoseDigger NoseDigger - 42.615s
XRun on map Tower
Winner: NoseDigger NoseDigger - 23.992s
XRun on map Labyrinth
Winner: LIME723 LIME723 - 100.896s
XRun on map Snow
Winner: NoseDigger NoseDigger - 58.074s
XRun on map Western
Winner: LIME723 LIME723 - 128.744s
XRun on map Grassland
Winner: LIME723 LIME723 - 48.200s
XRun on map Tower
Winner: FiberKing FiberKing - 37.006s
XRun on map Ores
Winner: FiberKing FiberKing - 52.177s
XRun on map Grassland
Winner: FiberKing FiberKing - 52.111s
XRun on map Palace
Winner: plazza345 plazza345 - 58.817s
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