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v2.1 of DuelsX coming out soon!




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Now, alot of people want to know how to make menus for there server, for instance The SlimeGames server has one of the best menus i found so, lets get started

1 - Creating your menu and editing it.

First, we have to create our menu. But we need preperation. So, install the plugin on your web dashboard ( or directly through your server by doing /control if your always online i recomend the dashboard method seince you dont have to keep doing Alt+Tab.

Once you have the plugin run the command:
KEY <> Required [] Unecesary
/menu create <id for="" instance="" i="" have="" mine="" duelsx="" but="" just="" need="" a="" single="" word=""> <rows>  <name can="" use="" color="" codes="">

once you do that do:

/menu open <id> <your playername="">

If you see a chest-looking menu then good, you did it. if you dont check for errors in your command.

Sooooooo now we got a menu, now we need to edit it.

Run The Command:
/menu edit <id>
And make sure you choose the right Decoration Block*
If you want a color-code item do
/i <item> 1 name:Can use color codes but for space put _ insted lore:The Thing you see with good items

*This is going to be what people cant click on lime glass or something idk Choose wisley
Put it in your menu just like drag and drop. Ok lets get to scripting your games!

2 - Scripting Items For Games.

We have to script now. so choose an item and run the /i command i told you in part one. Got it? ok now heres the trickey part
To make it warp to your game, we have to script

Soo if you made a staff menu you will run this command wile holding the item for your menu item:

/menu script add /menu open @p <id>

If you want it to warp someone somewhere do:

/menu script add /warp <warp> @p

What does this command do?

/menu                                                           script                                                                   add

^ Triggers the Menu plugin                      ^ triggers the script varible .             ^ adds a command

Help! My lore says a random command!

While holding the item do /menu script hide that should work if not repost me

Part 3 - Publishing your menu

Alright weve done scripting, editing, and creating what else? Giving it to your players of course! choose a item to open your menu like a neather star
do /i to make it and run the command /menu script add /menu open <id> @p

And, your done put it in a kit and done! youve got a perfect menu! Thanks For Reading any questions please repost,

- GibbieMonster, Founder/owner of DuelsX
2 months ago
Same with OutlookGamez, my freind likes to play with 1.13
3 months ago
Hello, I created a book and i wanted to read it so i writ it out (if anyone was curious i was writing a info book) and i read it to make sure i did not do anything wrong and well, i think i did because 
*Invalid Book Data* i dont know why if anyone else is having this problem please reply!
3 months ago
Thanks, thats one of the replys i was look for, i relly hope you get mod and good luck :)
3 months ago
i was playing in my ps one day and my mouse stopped working, played on another serv nothing happend any ideas?
3 months ago
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