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Staff Team

These players maintain and Moderate the TryToDie network.

OWNER: Iron_Martin
CO-OWNER: CriticalArctic

ADMIN: Sumane
ADMIN: RedstonerNor

MOD: NeedYouFan
MOD: Dankogames
MOD: Dainius10

MOD: EnderAdamGaming

WEB DEVELOPER: CriticalArctic

No trial-mods right now

over 2 years ago
I created a guide for playerservers for your staffmembers :)


You need a way to talk with your staffmembers about demotions promotions bugs etc so use Discord
Much servers use Discord to talk with their staffmembers like Cubedcraft and TryToDie (TryToDie is my playerserver)
Discord is free and you can talk with text or with a microphone so use it
Its really easy to use discord and you can even use it with a link without downloading it (Super easyyy)

Contact: Sumane/MrBlackout51 for a discord Bot he is a Bot developer!


Trust your staffmembers, Don't just choose them from apply also use the ingame attitude because if they make a apply thats looking PERFECT and they are much times salty and threaten to ban them when the applicant gets staff
Than don't accept him for Staff


Get not too much staff ranks in the server this are my staff ranks:
Developer (Trial-Dev is a tag)
Owner (Meeee)


Don't give your friends free staff because they can also grief your server
I saw many servers that got griefed by their irl friends


Make sure the accepted people are don't abusing and if they are abusing
Give them a demote and maybe a tempban


Make sure they are following the rules better than anyone else
Because a staffmember is  to prevent rulebreakers also and it don't help if they are self a rulebreaker
Give them first 1/2 warnings and after it demote the abuser


Don't think ''Staffmembers need to be 24/7 on'' because much staffmembers can't be 24/7 on


This was my guide <33333
:) yay


over 2 years ago
Cubedcraft is now growing to pay2win
over 2 years ago
Boooo mostly of the 16 new plugins are for donators!
over 2 years ago
TryToDie is my playerserver:



Its a game where you need to farm on gens and getting better stuff to fight anyone else!

Effect blocks:

Light blue terracotta: Speed 4

Green terracotta: Jump boost 1


Gold gens: Pretty bad but for a starter its helping

Iron Ingot gen:  X 2319 Y 107 Z 243 Is a gen that gives 2 items per time its Medium
Iron Ingot gen: X 2401 Y 109 Z 229 Is a gen that gives 5 items per time its Pretty Good
Iron Ingot gen:  X 2339 Y 114 Z 204 Is a gen that gives 20 items per time its Very good
Lapis Lazuli gen: X 2330 Y 150 Z 237 Is a gen that gives 10 items per time its The Best






God kit:

Kits 1:

Kits 2:

Kits 3:

Food and Regen items:

Strength gen:  X 2332 Y 104 Z 229

This was Genpvp

TryToDie (Not the servername but the game itself):

22 Levels:
4 Parkours:

Not very information itself:

But the parkours giving: 10 5 3 1 points from high to low!

This was TryToDie (Game):

VirusWars: (Coming Soon)

Its a event Warzone game but its not maded right now Not Very Much Information!


Spawn got some features like:

You can choose games

You can see the staffmembers

You can see information

You can stay afk at the lobby

You can donate to me

Spawn build by: Ashirio

Not much information!

Now we coming to the second thing:

The live of the owner:

I'm staying between 8-9 AM up from my bed and i go to my room to play at Cubedcraft and i eat between 12 AM and 3 PM and after it i go play CubedCraft again and between 5 PM and 8 PM i go eat again and after it i go play cubedcraft and going to sleep yay


Discord of TryToDie:
Website of TryToDie:
How to join TryToDie: /join TryToDie or /server PS_TryToDie only /join TryToDie works if the server is offline and online and /server PS_TryToDie only works when the server is Online

Command blocks: 85



Owner: Iron_Martin
Co-Owner: CriticalArctic
Admin: Sumane
Developer: Ashirio


Ex-Co-Owner: CreeperOverlord7
Ex-Developer JorggPLayz

Staff functions:

Trial-Moderator: Is in a trial period of 2 weeks and is being observated by our moderators/admins and got some perms to help and punish players like mute kick etc

Moderator: Is observating trial-mods and is controlling for rulebreakers and got some more perms than Trial-Mod

Admin: Is the ''Leader'' from the Moderators and Trial-Moderators but that does not mean they can demote/promote or pushing them to do things for the admin The admins are doing normal to the lower staffranks and they also helping the co-owner and owner  and got OP

Developer: Is developing the server and fixing bugs and server problems and have OP

Co-Owner: Manages the server and have OP

Owner: Is the founder of TryToDie and have OP and Access to FileManager to doing there good work!

The rare tags:

CubedCraft: Is given to the owners of cubedcraft
Prisoner: Is given to players who are in the AbuseJail
Malware: Is given to players that are saying malicious links
Trial-Dev: Is given to Trial-Developers

Information about DDoS and DOX:

DDoS is blocking your internetbrowser and server
DOX Is getting information most DOXers are leaking the information but some not

This was my PlayerServer information: Yay :)

-Iron_Martin (Owner)

over 2 years ago