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Like my idea? Or no ? =/
over 2 years ago
It's not a crate it's a setting -_- it's a gui menu change when you open the crate it looks like from mineplex Carl the creeper vote crate spinner 
over 2 years ago it's a crate setting that changes the GUI to mineplex carl the creeper vote crate spinner, when you open a crate instead of one Slot it opens a gui when you open a crate spins like a wheel, handy for crates make it more cooler for your player servers!
over 2 years ago
over 3 years ago
Well I was on my server and I was gana give my friends my spleef server and so like I get it advertising is apart of the server rule but I was just giving my friends my ip in ping command but they said it isint real but the owner just banned me for 5 days like it's crazy now I'm upset about it and I can't join back for few days like I just gave them ip in the chat without the. Command and the owner banned me right away.... why exactly? 
over 3 years ago