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Royal Kulere [Linux]


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Stone 0 0 -
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Wins 25
Kills 188
Deaths 239
Coins 982
Exp 2698
Wool 35
K/D Ratio 0.79
Statistic Value
Wins 3
Kills 0
Deaths 11
Coins 70
Exp 18
K/D Ratio 0

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7 months ago
How to secure your PlayerServer

New one coming soon

over 4 years ago
[+] In need of a server trailer to your cubedcraft server? [+]

In need of a trailer to your server on cubedcraft?
Then this is the right place!

I am a experienced video editor, owning a small youtube channel with 45 subscribers. I have been editing videos for a few months, and i really enjoy it. 

How do i get my server trailer?:
Everyone can get a free server trailer, as well as there as a few recruitments. 

A donator server
Something unique
A good playerbase

And thats pretty much it

Dm me on discord (Kulere#5712)

If theres much people asking for a trailer, there may be a little delay

My YouTube channel if your interesed to see my work:

over 4 years ago
Donators desevere more MB/GB

Donators desevere more MB

The donators uses more plugins, and commandblocks. But one thing i have seen is that they crash multiple times, Which is also irrating for the server owners, and players, But of course, This costs more money.

My ideas to GB:
VIP+ (5GB)
MVP+ (8 GB)


over 4 years ago
Im getting sick of it

Im getting sick of this guys..
Ive tried to apply at least 14 times at cubedcraft now. All of them were denied.
People thinks that i cant do a shit, and that im a useless moderator.
Im really trying to make cubedcraft a good place for everyone.
Ive seen a lot of people needing help, And i were the only one that answered.

People says im inactive
o wow.. I were in hospital for like 4 months beacuse of private reasons.
There are a lot of inactive moderators on cubedcraft. I dont know why.
Like, Im at least trying to be active as much as possible.

Gettind denied
Yes, All my apps gets denied. Even a Admin cant read the app without having a Mod denying your app. Im getting sick of it.

Ive solved a lot of problems, That even the Mods couldnt answer, Kinda weird (No hates) 

You guys dont even give a try to get more Mods, There are 4 mods in the team atm, And the cubedcraft community is just growing, growing aand growing..

About the Owners
minecraftdj is really inactive.. Partydragen is a active Owner, No hates about him

How my life has been in the past ages
Ive been bullied on school, Something i got sick of. Didnt even stop before i was in 7th class.. 

How cubedcraft is
Cubedcraft is a really amazing server, With a lot of nice people. I wanna help trying to make cubedcraft a even better server, With even more playerservers and cool gamemodes. 

Kind regards,


over 4 years ago
Teamers In kitpvp

I would recommend using Gyazo (gyazo.com) beacuse its easy, free and simple. 



Killer I Get 25 kills over 2 years ago
Victory I Win 25 games about 1 year ago
Wool Destroyer I Destroy 25 wool from enemy team over 2 years ago
Getting The Job Done Destroy all 10 wool in a round over 2 years ago
Flawless Win a game without losing any wool about 1 year ago