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You can use this link right here:

Its basically like the skript version of unity's docs site. It has a list of all the conditions, events, and expressions.
For example, if you wanted to find the if statement for what world a player is in, just go to conditions and search up 'world'. You can click 'examples' on a result and it will give you even more information. It really helps out.
11 days ago
Probably because you're on a playerserver. Use the command in the Lobby.
14 days ago
I havent seen many people on Cubed wanting to host events (like Skeppy).
19 days ago
For the warp, you grab any item or block that you want to represent the warp. Hold it and type /menu script add /warp (warp) or /menu script add /warp (warp) @p.
Same thing with the kit. /menu script add /kit (kit) or /menu script add /kit (kit) @p.

I don't remember if you need the @p in the command scripted or the / in the command scripted.

After you get them to work, do /menu edit (whatever menu you created) and insert the scripted items in whatever slots you want. Then close it and open it with /menu open (name).
Make sure for Members they get the permission
19 days ago
So I was creating a world for Survival mode and my server crashed. I typed  /mvcreate Survival normal and this happens after the world is "loaded":

Connection Lost

[Proxy] Lost connection to the server.

I join back on Cubed and I have to start my server again. I join back on my server and the world is not loaded. I check the file manager and I see the folder for the world. Here is a comparison of the folder that was made of the world and a Water Drop world I created and made yesterday:
Survival - 24 bytes
Water Drop - 5.233 megabytes

When I join back on my server, it tells me to do /mvimport
Survival normal but when I do it the same thing happens and it fails to import.
I need to know how to fix this. I've tried different names and even flat world, but nothing works.

Version Info:
I'm playing in 1.14.4 on my 1.15.2 server.
I have a friend on there whose playing on 1.8
19 days ago



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