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My story ~ NoobSkills

Okay, so today i am gonne use a little bit of time explaining my story on cubedcraft when i was admin.

Some of you may know i'm no longer admin. You probaly wonder why. And i will tell you in this story.

So all started over a year ago, when i was a normal player. I don't remember how

but i met Lisa. Lisa was very happy and was helping me out alot. When someone

was mean to me she helped me. She was always by my side. There were some who wasn't that.

I did everything with lisa, build houses. Fight mobs, building huge stuff. It was really fun.

So after a time, i was thinking about applying for staff. As usuall i got rejected 1-2 times. I almost gave up

but i thought about giving it a last chance. I think i was 12 years old back then, so i was not really that good writer.

But luckily i got accepted. I was so proud that i ran all over my room. That feeling was amazing. And as always lisa was

happy. That was the first moment i felt like i'm "important". Not important like the king. But like small important.

I was very active, maybe too much active. I cought hackers, did my job. And get enemies. After a bit there came another mod.

I will not mention his name, but he was nice at the beginning. He helped me, gave me tips and all that stuff.

But one thing party did not know, was that he was giving op stuff to his friends. I was in his skype call. And he 

told me not to say anything to party. But i did not like that he cheated op stuff to players. So ofc i told lisa, i thought that

maybe she could help. And she did, i was like a undercover cop in that skype call. And suddenly she/i told party.

The mod was raging at us. He muted me and was not happy. He was mad, so party had no choice

then demoting him. After that lisa was telling party that i should get admin. She literally nagged at party. After all that nagging i actually got admin. And that feeling was even more impressive. But i'll tell you that, that isn't the end of my story.

When i was admin alot of stuff happened. Some of them was that me and lisa built houses for people, and helped out 

many players together. We were like twins, always together. I was so happy. Until lisa was inactive, it isn't always a happy ending. Lisa were becoming more inactive. I was not really happy. But i wasn't mad at her either. I just missed more then i ever would imagine. Some of the Staff were becoming "enemies" and hated me. For simple stuff. I got more haters from players.  And everything was not good. But then i got better friend with partydragen. I still missed lisa, but i had to have some friends atleast. He was very supporting, and funny to be with. We did also a lot together, i worked at gaminghost's livechat. I earned $10 a month. And that was alot of fun. But then i realised i haven't seen lisa on many weeks/months. I was asking everyone if they knew something, no one knew anything. I felt like i was pretty lonely. I was never with friends. Then i mean friends in real life. I did not do homework really good, and i wasn't really active on cubedcraft. I was becoming more inactive then ever. After a bit i thought that maybe i should start again. Luckily i wasn't demoted. One of the admins were hating me more. I don't really remember why, but they were mad. He would never talk to me, not even discuss the problem. I tried to talk to party but he wasn't really that interesting. Luckily that admin was also becoming more inactive, because he said i was on cubedcraft so he would not play there. So it was just feeling a little bit better. I started on making trailers, graphics etc. And i made trailer for cubedcraft and staff list grapics. But one day i was playing on cubedcraft. Lisa finally joined. My happiness was at the top! She and i was so glad to meet each other again. We were joking and was having really much fun. Then one of the admins also wanted to have som fun. Party or the admin muted lisa. And then suddenly she was unmuted. She said she unmuted herself. Suddenly she started talking about making stuff for the admin. I did not really remember what more she said. But it was something on that line. And then i got muted for no reason. So i tried to talk to her. She did not respond in chat. She kept talking about making stuff for the admin. Suddenly she left. I talked to her for like 15 min. Waited months to be with her. And she just left. I was really sad. Later i got a message from party saying that the admin messages him that he trolled me. He could not believe that i believed it was Lisa. When i saw that message, i raged quit. I was so mad that i never wanted to talk to him longer. I said to party that i was taking a break. I could not handle of seeing that admin anymore. I think my break was 1 month. So i thought he is probaly inactive now. So i wanted to be admin again. I joined the server, everyone was there (except the admin). Lisa, a good admin friend of mine, and party. I told him that i could be admin again. But he said no, because i was inactive. I told him that i took a break because that admin was really.... But he said inactive staff will be removed. So i said fine. I was not mad at him. I understood him. But when he told me on skype that i was done with everything. I could not log on cubedcraft because i was banned. My profile was deleted. I did not understand anything. I asked him what have i done? He said i deleted everything on the website. It stood that i deleted everything. I said i did not do it. But he said is says your user. And then he posted that i was mad because of the demote, on the forums. And many people thought i did it. So they hated me. Luckily he checked the ip and he said I did not do it. Someone hacked my account and did it.



This is my story. My time on cubedcraft. Party don't feel like this is offensive. You are really good friend. I could not have any other better friends online than this people. Lisa, Party and xyfuss. You guys made my life different. 

Thank you <3

over 3 years ago

Fortsatt ikke hacks, man kan se partiklene dine...

over 3 years ago

Det er ikke hacks, du hadde pil i deg.. Da ser man deg!

over 3 years ago

Les det jeg skrev igjen. Jeg skrev att han som recorda beskyldte noen for å hacke.

over 3 years ago

Også gå til: 03:30 der skylder han en fyr for å hacke.

over 3 years ago