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God TyphoonBeam [Pro]


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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 11 3 28.503s
Sand 1 0 77.924s
Labyrinth 2 1 273.718s
Snow 3 1 51.927s
Ores 2 1 53.620s
Palace 1 0 64.684s
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 1 1 55.610s
Statistic Value
Wins 87
Kills 329
Deaths 868
Coins 1922
Exp 7622
Wool 109
K/D Ratio 0.38
Statistic Value
Wins 39
Kills 44
Deaths 195
Coins 774
Exp 306
K/D Ratio 0.23

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about 1 year ago
Multiverse World Not Loading, Crashing Server

I find that happens quite often for me, there are various "fixes" you can do, from closing things you are not currently using on your PC, to restarting the server or even (not recommended if you have a lot of work on it) resetting/deleting your server.
Also, it usually works if you play on the exact version the server is made for.
Edit: you should also try /save-allĀ 
Right after you create the new multiverse, that way, even if the server crashes, you will (hopefully) still be able to access the multiverse



Victory I Win 25 games over 2 years ago


Killer I Get 25 kills over 2 years ago
Killer II Get 300 kills 3 months ago
Victory I Win 25 games over 2 years ago
Wool Destroyer I Destroy 25 wool from enemy team over 2 years ago
Wool Destroyer II Destroy 100 wool from enemy team 3 months ago
Getting The Job Done Destroy all 10 wool in a round about 1 year ago
Flawless Win a game without losing any wool about 1 year ago