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about 1 year ago
CustomCrafting Plugin Not Installing Properly

When i am on the dashboard and look up the Custom Crafting plugin. It says I installed it. But when i log onto the server the commands wont work. and the file does not even appear on the file manager (and also /control ingame) it wont install. pls help

over 2 years ago
Extremely rude person (EDITED/OLD)

hey this is future me. my old self was an idiot and i cant help myself but to edit this.
im sorry

over 2 years ago
A Griefing Issue

My friend got griefed by someone named GalacticEmpire72. He said that in /msg. In creative mode
he managed to force op himself using a plugin that hexfeather had.



Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 4 3 21.674s
Sand 1 1 44.055s
Labyrinth 2 2 70.123s
Snow 0 0 -
Ores 1 1 42.360s
Palace 0 0 -
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 1 0 34.505s
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Wins 150
Kills 1006
Deaths 1056
Coins 2850
Exp 22501
Wool 784
K/D Ratio 0.95
Statistic Value
Wins 3
Kills 0
Deaths 37
Coins 22
Exp 12
K/D Ratio 0



Killer I Get 25 kills about 1 year ago
Killer II Get 300 kills 10 months ago
Killer III Get 1000 kills 15 days ago
Victory I Win 25 games about 1 year ago
Victory II Win 100 games 6 months ago
Wool Destroyer I Destroy 25 wool from enemy team about 1 year ago
Wool Destroyer II Destroy 100 wool from enemy team 12 months ago
Wool Destroyer III Destroy 500 wool from enemy team 4 months ago
Getting The Job Done Destroy all 10 wool in a round about 1 year ago
Flawless Win a game without losing any wool 9 months ago


Killer I Get 25 kills 6 months ago