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IGN: vMason
by vMason » about 1 year ago
Hia! I'm just here to state a bug that you can see on the forums;

So, as you know, on the forums, you can only see your apply; no one else but staff and you can see it + the responses, or can you..?
Well, I recently looked at partydragen's forum section, I can see his responses to applications, which I don't think you guys would want.
If you hided the applications first of all, I'm sure there shouldn't be a way to see responses, too. 

Thanks! ~ Mason

Hia, I'm Mason- a retired mod here on Cubed. 
Discord: Masonnn#3343

I am usually checking Discord, so assuming on a normal day, it can be minutes to hours. I should be able to reply at least the same day as you messaged me. Thanks!


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IGN: SquibyPlays
by SquibyPlays » about 1 year ago
Messaging on the website is broken. I'm trying to send message to a friend but it keeps saying you can't message yourself.