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News and Announcements

News and Announcements

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CubedCraft Server

CubedCraft Server Discussion

General discussion about the CubedCraft server

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Skript Problem
2 days ago
by FlyinC4T

Server Bug Reports

Here you can report bugs you find on CubedCraft

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Forums Bug
about 1 month ago
by NewWindowsUpdate

Here you can tell your ideas to help us to get better

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5 days ago
by nub14

Contact Moderators

Unban Application

Have you been banned for months or false banned? Contact staff here

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Unban Appeal
19 hours ago
by Partydragen
Report Abuse/Hackers

Report Abuse/Hackers

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Fly hacker.
about 1 hour ago
by BGT2011
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Contact Us

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