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by Kulere » over 4 years ago
Im getting sick of this guys..
Ive tried to apply at least 14 times at cubedcraft now. All of them were denied.
People thinks that i cant do a shit, and that im a useless moderator.
Im really trying to make cubedcraft a good place for everyone.
Ive seen a lot of people needing help, And i were the only one that answered.

People says im inactive
o wow.. I were in hospital for like 4 months beacuse of private reasons.
There are a lot of inactive moderators on cubedcraft. I dont know why.
Like, Im at least trying to be active as much as possible.

Gettind denied
Yes, All my apps gets denied. Even a Admin cant read the app without having a Mod denying your app. Im getting sick of it.

Ive solved a lot of problems, That even the Mods couldnt answer, Kinda weird (No hates) 

You guys dont even give a try to get more Mods, There are 4 mods in the team atm, And the cubedcraft community is just growing, growing aand growing..

About the Owners
minecraftdj is really inactive.. Partydragen is a active Owner, No hates about him

How my life has been in the past ages
Ive been bullied on school, Something i got sick of. Didnt even stop before i was in 7th class.. 

How cubedcraft is
Cubedcraft is a really amazing server, With a lot of nice people. I wanna help trying to make cubedcraft a even better server, With even more playerservers and cool gamemodes. 

Kind regards,


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by DarkyGamerUK » over 4 years ago

Lets clear this up now, Because i find the wording of this downright disrespectful.

I appreciate that you want to join the staff team, however, We need some of the best staff, and for this server, an application is generally not enough.

None of our staff have said you are a "useless" Moderator, and also, you using the s word in this post is violating forum rules, I can't say much about you helping other people because i have not seen your in game messages.

Also, we did not know you were in hospital for 4 months, Mention that in your application explaining your inactivity next time, Also, our Mods are NOT inactive, i am on for at least 4 hours every day, and if you are in norway, we are only 1 hour apart, and i have not seen you online RECENTLY, furthermore, your answers to your questions, especially the most important ones about why you want to be staff, are incredibly short, and we can not pick up enough information about you.

Now explaining you getting denied by our Moderators, the Mod team are very experienced, Me, Ninjune & MissChikoo, the Admins are VERY busy so we have the choice of either rejecting, putting you on a course or asking an Admin/Owner to accept you.

As for you solving problems, thats good, However, the staff can solve other problems that you may not, so this is kind of irrelevant.

Yes, i understand that there are only 3 Mods on the team at this time, And i have been asking Party to accept some staff, however, NeedYou & ItzAdde_ have been more deserving of this and Partydragen has still said no, So don't blame the Moderators, we have to listen to Partydragen and thats final.

As for minecraftdj, he may be inactive, but when hes online, i would personally say hes more responsible than party, and, he also set up the server with Party, so his inactivity is nothing to moan about.

Moving on to your current life, i am sorry to hear that you have been bullied in the past, But this means nothing towards your application.

But thank you for saying this is an amazing server, my only advice to get accepted is to NOT moan when you get denied and focus on the criticism that you have been given.
Disrespectful and only made to create Drama.


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