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4 days ago
next time u ban some1. be sure they are hacking. you wasted my time
18 days ago
What sup u do do!
27 days ago
Is reporting for over use of memes a thing?
5 months ago



4 days ago
Please take this test and show the link to us:
4 days ago
Due to your "Dear CubedCraft Staff ":
This application page is not for official CubedCraft application.
(This is for a playerserver)

If you wish to apply, please post your application in the right section and follow the format.

about 1 month ago
Just a basic script to test player alts using IP

exclamationNOTE: Player on the same IP might not be the same user.
exclamationCan also be their friends~

script: (click to show)
Anti-Alt script
Codes Removed due to CubedCraft website bug.
Download at
about 1 month ago

Kingdoms are actually very different from Factions.
I believe you can't place/break core in Factions right?

According to your "Replace it with factions and that would maybe he 30% more players."
In my opinion that it will not help us get more players. For me, if I joined
CubedCraft for the first time I will not choose to play Factions
since it's same on all Minecraft Servers.
about 1 month ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 36 6 23.851s
Sand 13 0 104.643s
Hell 15 0 -
Labyrinth 8 0 -
Grassland 23 7 36.943s
Techno 4 0 -
Snow 11 1 36.323s
Ores 13 0 55.107s
Palace 21 4 49.822s
MetalMachine 14 2 44.053s
Candyland 2 0 -
Western 11 1 101.143s
Granite 3 0 43.257s
Tower 3 0 28.970s
Statistic Value
Wins 1305
Kills 7118
Deaths 12842
Coins 25373
Exp 131206
Wool 7589
K/D Ratio 0.55
Statistic Value
Wins 258
Kills 2043
Deaths 1009
Coins 28438
Exp 5660
K/D Ratio 2.02