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This can be done easily with some lines of code,
but since I just type this script out without a test, there might be some errors.
Skript Code

on death of player:
    if attacker is a player:
        give 1 gold nugget named "nugget!" with lore "lore here" to attacker

1 day ago
Hello @ProFaker

Hacking on PUBLIC SERVERS is not allowed.
Since PUBLIC SERVERS include LOBBY, it's bannable.

(Post locked)
6 days ago
I did give you a chance in-game.
I ask you to screenshare you clicking on your mouse but you reply to me "I got no time to screenshare".

If you got no time why are you playing warzone?
about 1 month ago

According to "There Were No Rules At That Time I Was Told. ":
Here is a link for u, and u can't say we should unban u becuz u don't know its not allowed.
about 1 month ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 36 6 23.851s
Sand 13 0 104.643s
Hell 15 0 -
Labyrinth 8 0 -
Grassland 23 7 36.943s
Techno 4 0 -
Snow 10 1 36.323s
Ores 13 0 55.107s
Palace 19 3 49.822s
MetalMachine 14 2 44.053s
Candyland 2 0 -
Western 10 0 101.143s
Granite 3 0 43.257s
Tower 3 0 28.970s
Statistic Value
Wins 1303
Kills 7105
Deaths 12817
Coins 25104
Exp 130597
Wool 7572
K/D Ratio 0.55
Statistic Value
Wins 244
Kills 1879
Deaths 951
Coins 28038
Exp 5248
K/D Ratio 1.98