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God Commodore640


3 months ago
Hey. I got banned 60d from CubedCraft because of organised server griefing (mainly bedboxes and smp's). I hope you can also doing some management on InfiniteSky while I am away from Cubed. I hope to see you again in December (or earlier if they re-consider our ban lenghts). - Iron_Kevin <3
over 2 years ago


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Stone 1 0 60.895s
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Wins 87
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Deaths 467
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Exp 1116
K/D Ratio 0.62

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28 days ago
Someone created a YouTube channel to harass players

So someone created a channel called CubedCraft SS and the channel is being used to harass CubedCraft players



One of those videos shows that the user violated one of Cubed's rule on hacking on gamemodes. The player is using VPN to ban evade and I think he said that he does it to the Cubed network as a whole. 

Does Cubed allow VPN to ban evade Cubed and PS servers? Is any of this allowed? 

about 1 month ago
How to secure your PlayerServer

wdym "securing your server?"

about 1 month ago
Unavailable to connect to CaptureTheFlag node, Please try again

This is the error code when I tried to view my CTF server. I can access others but not my CTF server.

Can anyone explain this? 

3 months ago
NamelessMC problem with another server

I know PartyDragen owns NamelessMC so maybe he can help me. I tried to sign up for a forum in another NamelessMC forum and I don't see any confirmation emails... 

3 months ago
znotnmjh/nmjh - IP Ban evading, AGAIN

@iron_kevin tell me yall aint friend.



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