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God Commodore640


about 1 month ago
Hey. I got banned 60d from CubedCraft because of organised server griefing (mainly bedboxes and smp's). I hope you can also doing some management on InfiniteSky while I am away from Cubed. I hope to see you again in December (or earlier if they re-consider our ban lenghts). - Iron_Kevin <3
over 2 years ago

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8 days ago
Unavailable to connect to CaptureTheFlag node, Please try again

This is the error code when I tried to view my CTF server. I can access others but not my CTF server.

Can anyone explain this? 

29 days ago
NamelessMC problem with another server

I know PartyDragen owns NamelessMC so maybe he can help me. I tried to sign up for a forum in another NamelessMC forum and I don't see any confirmation emails... 

about 1 month ago
znotnmjh/nmjh - IP Ban evading, AGAIN

@iron_kevin tell me yall aint friend.

about 1 month ago
znotnmjh/nmjh - IP Ban evading, AGAIN

IGN: znotnmjh and/or nmjh 

Reason: IP ban evading 

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/kPrjTAw 

Before this report, he was IP banned for ban evading/Using ALT account. 

about 1 month ago
AwesomeClicker STAFF APP

5jxy you're the one who revived this thread. 


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Stone 1 0 60.895s
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Tower 0 0 -
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Wins 3
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Deaths 7
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Exp 157
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K/D Ratio 0.14
Statistic Value
Wins 83
Kills 291
Deaths 464
Coins 4170
Exp 1080
K/D Ratio 0.63



Killer I Get 25 kills over 2 years ago
Victory I Win 25 games over 2 years ago
KillStreak I Get 5 KillStreak 7 months ago
KillStreak II Get 10 KillStreak 7 months ago


Flawless Win a game without losing any wool 2 months ago