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about 1 year ago
Newest CubedCraft Trial Mod!



Search is an addon to NoCheatPlus (legit the only ANTICHEAT you offer), Search improves checks and makes sure the checks are as accurate as possible, This is good for PS without a good config so it could be easier to catch hackers. because the default NCP config is just hot garbage, but with Search all checks could be improved massively.
10 months ago
thank you mason im sorry for the swearing but this is really how i feel about this whole situation
about 1 year ago
Hello... this is my unban appeal for CubedCraft [PERMBAN] I have been banned off cubedcraft for placing a Killall commandblock and first of all I would like to say this is false, I was on CreeperDome123's server and he wanted a command from he [NOTE: This one command made my server what it is] he keeps harassing me to try to get it one time we were in a call I told him no he could not get it and he started calling me names and etc, but thats not the point the point is that I got banned off CubedCraft forever and I would like to say the amount of time and effort I put into this one server I spend weekdays and weekends on this server go look at my playertime, I am a true veteran for Cubedcraft and I have put so much time into this one server alone, hell I was around when the lobby still had AAC and etc but anyways I took so much god damn time into this server and i'm crying because all that time I spent here has just been stripped away from me, go check on statscraft theres your proof, I would honest to god never want to get banned after the rule about PS Destorying is bannable I never did it go ask Lnke or vMason they will tell you I have never done it ever since that rule came into play and still I have probably only done it once, but anyways I took so much time creating a server on CubedCraft I would not be such a idiot to create a Killall commandblock on somebody's PS i'm not that type of guy to do that crap i'm not a dick to PS listen I develop a PS too i've put weeks of damn effort creating an Anticheat for it making commands.yml for it creating the Commandblocks for it Hiring staff for it I understand what its like to create a PS and I understand what it feels like to have all that work destroyed right in front of your eyes I honest to damn god know all those feelings i've been creating Playerservers for Cubedcraft for months now hell the oldest video I created for this server was 6 months ago, that proves how long i've been playing this network and also Why do you think I would do this an Ex Staff Member of CubedCraft I still respect Playerservers the same I understand the rules so why would I do this crap... I know this was just a ramble but this is honestly how I feel about this situation... ~DebitCardz
about 1 year ago
I've seen AAC being used in older versions of CubedCraft, this would honestly just be a good anticheat for Playerservers to use.
about 1 year ago
Hello! This is something I would absolutely love to see in CubedCraft! and its a Duels plugin, I found a free one []
If you wonder why this should be a plugin this is because Duels would add more variety to Playerservers plus who does not love a good old 1v1 with another player? [It would be awesome if you could get a Duels plugin with ELO and etc] this could help Develop Playerservers for more PvP aspects, this is just a suggestion but hey! It's still a good plugin
about 1 year ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 7 2 25.167s
Sand 1 0 201.185s
Hell 4 0 -
Labyrinth 2 0 -
Grassland 3 1 43.353s
Techno 1 0 -
Snow 7 3 36.004s
Ores 5 0 94.258s
Palace 1 0 79.728s
MetalMachine 3 0 93.046s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 73
Kills 866
Deaths 830
Coins 1796
Exp 6471
Wool 147
K/D Ratio 1.04
Statistic Value
Wins 28
Kills 0
Deaths 149
Coins 6
Exp 56
K/D Ratio 0