26 days ago
pls make servers 1.13 only thanks
about 1 month ago
about 1 month ago
Herrow, Herrow, I-Don't-Know
3 months ago
From this chat
3 months ago
I'm gone šŸ˜‡
3 months ago
Hey Partydragen, a long time ago i bought mvp+ lifetime and diamond rank. Now my rank is gone and I don't know why. Please help me. Thanks
3 months ago
Fix me rank.
3 months ago
hi i need help i am trying to report someone but i cant upload video proof
3 months ago




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I have added the maps back now :)
5 days ago
We're aware of it
Use 1.12.2 to play with, Other versions are unstable
10 days ago
Accecpted, you're unbanned now
13 days ago
HiĀ  Everyone

As many know the website had been down since yesterday and is now finally up and running again

You are now able to vote for servers and visit server pages on and top servers will soon be displayed ingame!
To find your server go to{}

We have also moved the whole playerserver dashboard (Filemanager) to
Its important to know that we are still working to improve the websites and add more features, Please give us any #suggestionsĀ 

You are also now able to use direct ip to your server! {}
18 days ago
CubedCraft is now supporting 1.13 to join with but we're recomming to still use 1.12 since 1.13 is a big laggy since the worlds are using old chunks format

all connected plugins like fences, double grass etc are not displaying correctly for 1.13 clients, ViaVersion hope to have it fixed tomorro

You must have ViaVersion installed on you're server to be able to join with 1.13
about 1 month ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 60 14 22.956s
Sand 22 3 42.435s
Hell 8 0 350.357s
Labyrinth 14 3 74.868s
Grassland 13 3 29.009s
Techno 8 1 1182.232s
Snow 29 3 32.287s
Ores 14 4 34.937s
Palace 22 6 34.367s
MetalMachine 17 3 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 3 0 92.405s
Granite 3 0 37.809s
Statistic Value
Wins 124
Kills 684
Deaths 1319
Coins 6248
Exp 16691
Wool 479
K/D Ratio 0.52
Statistic Value
Wins 7
Kills 32
Deaths 63
Coins 9560
Exp 35
K/D Ratio 0.51