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Owner Partydragen


over 3 years ago
Tango says Party = Senpai
over 3 years ago
My friend made an account and could never login made sure email was correct and tried password reset and no email ever came his name is Darth_Liam321 03kris03 said he had to be kicked from forums
over 3 years ago
Jeg er fra USA, og jeg er litt rusten på norsk
over 3 years ago
Heyo Partydragen
over 3 years ago
can you unban me Please
over 3 years ago
Hei Partydragen AKA Beste server eier noensinne
over 3 years ago
What is happening! my world got completely frozen and it wont even let me on it Please do something about this or at least tell me how to get to the control panel thing cause this is Pissing me the heck off so bad
over 3 years ago
PartyDragen is the best owner, even though he sometimes ignores me. =)
over 3 years ago
Partydragen i though it was anarchy server i guess not because i gonna really follow directions how to not swear at players its dangerous too do it sorry i did!


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 34 13 23.207s
Sand 15 6 40.967s
Labyrinth 5 0 98.409s
Snow 11 4 35.387s
Ores 6 1 43.457s
Palace 4 1 37.679s
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Granite 2 0 32.046s
Tower 4 1 44.173s
2 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 78
Kills 363
Deaths 903
Coins 18051
Exp 1007301084
Wool 137
K/D Ratio 0.4
Statistic Value
Wins 29
Kills 82
Deaths 142
Coins 10500
Exp 333
K/D Ratio 0.58

Latest Posts

6 months ago
Full Access PlayerServer (Custom Plugins)

Full Access PlayerServer (Custom Plugins)

MVP Players can now create one server with full access from the webmanager (Allowing custom plugins)

Important notes:

  • This is a experiment so it running on its own node to prevent other servers being effected by this
  • There is a risk that servers on this experimental node can be damaged or deleted and we don't take backups of these servers
  • Even thought you have MVP with a full access server you are not allowed to abuse exploits or abuse in any way
  • You can only manage your server from FTP, Most functions in webmanager is disabled
  • There will be downtimes from time to time while we work on updates to this

We might get a backup system for this if there being enough mvp's who use this

8 months ago
Daily Giveaways! Win Discord Nitro or $10 Credits on our Store

Hi, Join the event at

Here you can join giveaway daily until 25 december but it may be extended until 31 december

The winner can choose between Discord Nitro or $10 Credits on CubedCraft Store



11 months ago
Triple as much memory

Hi Everyone!

Triple as much memory
- All playerservers now have minimum 3 GB instead of 1 GB!
- Any donators now have the limited ftp access
- All servers now having 100 slots
- You can now invite as many managers you want

These changes are temporally and there is no eta when things will revert / stay

12 months ago
New PlayerServers Update

Hi Everyone

The last week there has been multiple changes to PlayerServers, You can see the changelog below


  • Added option for old server versions to load latest plugin version from 1.17 plugin list
  • PS Boosters for VIP/MVP can finally be removed again in "My Boosters" page with 30 days cooldown as before
  • Added Scoreboard plugin
  • Added AnimatedScoreboard plugin
  • Added MongoSK plugin
  • Added ThatPacketAddon plugin
  • Server failed to startup issue is finally fixed
  • You can now upload Datapacks from Webmanager
  • New file editor and option to stay at the editor when saving
  • Multiple bug fixes at the Webmanager

about 1 year ago
PlayerServers Update

PlayerServers Update:
- Spigot 1.17 is now updated to latest
- Updated 26 plugins for 1.17

API Update:
- Player endpoint is now showing groups, network exp and level
- Player endpoint is now always showing guild name, no longer required to be online
- Servers endpoint is now showing displayitem
- Server endpoint is now always showing maxPlayers
- Added KitPvP endpoint to get player stats
- Added XRun endpoint to get player stats
- Fixed a bug where server endpoint showed wrong icon for free plan

Updated Plugins for 1.17
- WorldEdit
- WorldGuard
- HolographicDisplays
- LuckPerms
- Citizens
- CustomImages
- CustomCrafting
- PvPManager
- Tab (TABReborn)
- AuctionHouse
- VentureChat
- HeadDatabase
- KitBattle
- StackMob
- Spartan
- EconomyShopGUI
- Prison
- WolfyUtilities
- BetterRTP
- MinePacks
- CombatLogX
- BigDoors
- Lottery
- UltraBar
- ChatFeelings