Owner Partydragen


6 months ago
Jeg er fra USA, og jeg er litt rusten på norsk
6 months ago
Heyo Partydragen
6 months ago
can you unban me Please
6 months ago
Hei Partydragen AKA Beste server eier noensinne
6 months ago
What is happening! my world got completely frozen and it wont even let me on it Please do something about this or at least tell me how to get to the control panel thing cause this is Pissing me the heck off so bad
7 months ago
PartyDragen is the best owner, even though he sometimes ignores me. =)
8 months ago
Partydragen i though it was anarchy server i guess not because i gonna really follow directions how to not swear at players its dangerous too do it sorry i did!
8 months ago
Please tell me, how do you feel about the 'UwU' most commonly used by 'Furries', it is a term used to express emotion and the way these 'Furries' feel.
8 months ago
GadgetsMenu Premium will be a good donator sources of different perks. (including the Miniatures pets like the CubeCraft Games)


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 22 11 23.207s
Sand 11 5 40.967s
Snow 8 3 36.202s
Ores 4 1 43.457s
Palace 1 0 115.113s
MetalMachine 0 0 -
2 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 36
Kills 227
Deaths 459
Coins 2329
Exp 6386
Wool 30
K/D Ratio 0.49
Statistic Value
Wins 21
Kills 62
Deaths 117
Coins 10060
Exp 245
K/D Ratio 0.53


I did it on purpose, the beacon will from now be home location but because to many have blocked it down i made it to remove the blocks to avoid people being stuck dieing
2 days ago
Hi Everyone,
Today i have updated 20 plugins and over the weekend did multiple changes that you see below

- New plugin system, We have complety changed how plugins being loaded when a server start and stop, As this is a major change please report any issues with it, This change will even keep your plugins up to date with our latest updated versions aswell if you switch server version it will automaticly retrive correct plugin versions depending on your server version
- Top 3 voted and boosted servers are now displayed in lobby
- The lobby server list now using signs as default instead of heads (This is because heads are to laggy and causing to much problems for the server)
- Added top voters to be displayed on voting page for server sides
- Added vote countdown when you're available to vote again
- Added 7 new server icons
- Redesigned webmanager settings page
- Better logging for webmanager settings page
- Added own permisssion to change server motd, You can now invite your staff to webmanager to access motd settings only example

Updated Plugins (Some of them are for 1.14 ONLY):
- Skript
- LibsDisguises
- ProtocolLib
- FeatherBoard
- GadgetsMenu
- SuperVanish
- PlotSquared
- PlaceholderAPI
- GUIShop
- BuildersUtilities
- Spartan
- CombatLogX
- PhysicsToGo
- MineResetLite
- CustomOreGen
- ChatFeelings
- ImageOnMap
- CustomJumppads
- DupeFixes

Remember to vote on your favorite server at https://playerservers.com/servers
Top monthly servers will be rewarded
#1. $15 USD and 2 PS Boosters!
#2. 2 PS Boosters
#3. 1 PS Boosters
19 days ago
It should be fixed it rewarded all kills and deaths when i tested

if player die without a player kill him then team lose lives with mean the kills can be lower than 15
25 days ago
Erik can you please stop? It dont change anything and the staff doing a good job and all tge bans have good reason...

and about kris you dont know a shit by the reason u told above.... that you told have nothing to do about the demotion and ban

he got demoted for ignoring report and got alot of warnings since the day he become staff and alot of unaccecpable things in staff chat and voice that has nothing to do with cubedcraft and again he ignored the warnings and ended as it did with a demotion
also the reason why he was trial for so long

he got banned for changeback the money with itself is a directly permban and threated to get network attacked again 

again it have nothing to do with this case

aswell mynameis got banned yea as his full history since the beginning 
So as he keep break it it go the way it go

so yea toxity during the mute is not banable that long it for it all torgheter 

and to mention i really dont like to see you guys banned but were forched as you guys dont stop self it leads nowhere... staff are just doing their jobs
about 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,
Updated list of plugins to playerServers and a new plugin 

New Plugin added: PhysicsToGo

Updated Plugins for all versions:
- FeatherBoard
- BetterRTP
- Spartan
- CustomOreGen
- KitPvP
- Jobs
- DupeFixes

Updated Plugins for 1.12 and 1,14
- BetterSleeping

Updated Plugins for 1.14 Only
- LibsDisguises
- PvPManager
- BeautyQuests
- GadgetsMenu
- ChatFeelings
- AutoSell

Remember to vote on your favorite server daily and the server may have a chance to win one of the prizes!
Winner prize: 
#1. $15 USD and 2 PS Boosters!
#2. 2 PS Boosters
#3. 1 PS Boosters
about 1 month ago