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about 1 year ago
Kan du skifte navnet mitt til Veloiiz? Heter det på MC! / Can you change my name to Veloiiz? My name is that on MC!
about 1 year ago
Du burde akseptere DarkYash, han er veldig snill mot folk, han var staff på min server, han ble senior moderator nesten med en gang =)
about 1 year ago
Hey! My in game name is DarkYash, and i have VIP. Could you change that on forum?
about 1 year ago
Jeg har nå søkt om mod :) men glemte å bruke formate :( skrev egen søknad. Håper det er Ok..
about 1 year ago
My friend Realco misstyed his email while trying to create user for this website, can you help him?
about 1 year ago
Can I help to Build? Next Time?
about 1 year ago
How can you change your plan on PS???
about 1 year ago
Wanna read my apply :)
about 1 year ago
can u come on tnt wars i need help



Okay i give you a new chance, if you hack again you will get banned for MUCH longer..

Unban app: Accepted
19 hours ago
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2 days ago


Or maybe kingdoms have did it all as them recently have growed as hell, atleast the last days
and hired pro people to take down minehut then hired pro people to take CubedCraft down aswell for very many hours ....
8 days ago
We belive we have solved the network attack and any new incoming attacks will the system handle to block them out, if you're not able to join at mc.cubedcraft.com please contact us.

We're very sorry about this there was over 500 bot connections per secound and 10,000 unique ip's and over 2 million of connections in total. Our proxy was not able to handle all these connections but as this time everything is working again.
10 days ago
Hi everyone,
We have readded a playerservers plan that cost 3000 points! You can get it from the lobby shop to get a bit extra Memory and Slots 

It works same way as before but if you're new you get points by voting on CubedCraft and playing our public minigames! 

Due the cost of the PlayerServers we have choosed to change the free plan slots from 15 to 10 slots but you keep 15 with the points plan and all donator ranks keep 15 slots++
15 days ago
Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 63 14 22.956s
Sand 22 3 42.435s
Hell 10 0 350.357s
Labyrinth 14 3 74.868s
Grassland 13 3 29.009s
Techno 8 1 1182.232s
Snow 31 3 32.287s
Ores 16 4 34.937s
Palace 26 7 34.367s
MetalMachine 19 3 36.253s
Candyland 1 0 -
Western 10 3 92.405s
Granite 5 1 33.257s
Tower 5 0 31.151s
Statistic Value
Wins 148
Kills 901
Deaths 1578
Coins 3169
Exp 22879
Wool 573
K/D Ratio 0.57
Statistic Value
Wins 10
Kills 34
Deaths 79
Coins 9880
Exp 75
K/D Ratio 0.43