Owner Partydragen


11 months ago
Heyo Partydragen
11 months ago
can you unban me Please
12 months ago
Hei Partydragen AKA Beste server eier noensinne
12 months ago
What is happening! my world got completely frozen and it wont even let me on it Please do something about this or at least tell me how to get to the control panel thing cause this is Pissing me the heck off so bad
about 1 year ago
PartyDragen is the best owner, even though he sometimes ignores me. =)
about 1 year ago
Partydragen i though it was anarchy server i guess not because i gonna really follow directions how to not swear at players its dangerous too do it sorry i did!
about 1 year ago
Please tell me, how do you feel about the 'UwU' most commonly used by 'Furries', it is a term used to express emotion and the way these 'Furries' feel.
about 1 year ago
GadgetsMenu Premium will be a good donator sources of different perks. (including the Miniatures pets like the CubeCraft Games)
about 1 year ago
hello I would like to file a report on Zyhna


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 24 11 23.207s
Sand 11 5 40.967s
Labyrinth 2 0 98.409s
Snow 8 3 36.202s
Ores 4 1 43.457s
Palace 1 0 115.113s
MetalMachine 0 0 -
Granite 0 0 -
Tower 0 0 -
2 0 -
Statistic Value
Wins 45
Kills 287
Deaths 654
Coins 8546
Exp 7540
Wool 48
K/D Ratio 0.44
Statistic Value
Wins 22
Kills 70
Deaths 125
Coins 10030
Exp 267
K/D Ratio 0.56


PlayerServer Booster Price changes
- $4 USD for 1 booster
- $16 USD for 5 booster
- $36 USD for 12 boosters

Store: http://store.cubedcraft.com/category/1407294
We are working on to add more features to boost levels
15 days ago
Fixed the version number
25 days ago
You can change it in server properties page
about 1 month ago
Hey, it should be fixed now :)
about 1 month ago
Well i have whitelisted you for now
about 1 month ago