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Admin Supercrafter100


3 months ago
Sup Supercrafter100. How are ya doing on this wonderful Friday?
8 months ago
thank you for the help
12 months ago
Congratulations on your promotion to Administrator, Supercrafter100!
about 1 year ago
Superpooper100 >:D
about 1 year ago
Hello! Boring old COVID :D
over 2 years ago
Official CubedCraft moderator now! I love the job and the staff team! Lets keep CubedCraft free of hackers everyone!
over 2 years ago
MagicPotatoo im a good tntwars player too.


Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 19 7 21.689s
Sand 12 5 39.255s
Labyrinth 10 6 48.709s
Snow 7 4 32.303s
Ores 6 4 35.153s
Palace 4 0 39.783s
MetalMachine 4 1 43.238s
Granite 4 0 28.979s
Tower 5 2 26.365s
Statistic Value
Wins 1574
Kills 9198
Deaths 11376
Coins 9301
Exp 222408
Wool 6506
K/D Ratio 0.81
Statistic Value
Wins 1378
Kills 12228
Deaths 3095
Coins 22882
Exp 33092
K/D Ratio 3.95

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5 months ago

If you look at the location this post was made in, you'll notice its in off-topic

8 months ago
PaperSpig 1.17 with Skript +Plugins result in 7 "block" errors.

The skript issue seems to be caused by an invalid alisases file (likely related to the skript version). I'm unsure if this is fixeable. You could try getting the latest one from the skript github. A lot of plugins got updated recently so maybe your issue was fixed with it too

10 months ago
Playerservers Competition

Server submissions


Hey all!


We have opened submissions for the playerservers contest. This means you can now submit your server for it to participate int he contest. 


Note: Once your server has been submitted, it will get suspended once the contest ends. This is due to the fact that we want to evaluate every server based on what they did during the month. If we don't do this, you could continue working on the server while others are already evaluated. This would lead to an unfair advantage.


You are only allowed to submit 1 server!


You can submit your server over at:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

11 months ago
Playerservers Competition

Hey everyone!


We are proudly organizing our first Playerservers Competition. The goal of this competition is for you people to make the most original and well made server. We hope to bring more motivation to those that have considered making a playerserver but quit because it was not worth it because of our smaller network.


The competition will be starting today and will be going until the 1st of November. So you will have about 1 month to make your server. We will be voting on different aspects of your server. These include but are not limited to:


- Originality

- Completed

- Fun factor 

- Theming

- Grindy

- ...


There are however, some rules the playerserver and team will have to follow:


- You may work together but with a maximum team size of 4

- Judges do voting

- You cannot participate if you are a judge

- Joke submissions will result in a punishment

- You only have 1 month

- The server has to be fresh (new)


The prizes of the competition will be the following:


1st place:

- 30 USD (split across the team)

- Creator prefix across the network

- MVP rank for 1 month (for the server owner)


2nd place:

- VIP for 1 month (for the server owner)

- 4 boosters of choice (for each team member)


3rd place:

- 2 booster of choice (for each team member)


For this tournament we will be requiring judges. Soon we will be opening applications for becoming a judge. Becoming a judge means you cannot participate. As a judge we expect people to vote neutrally and take the time and effort to help us out.


From a previous announcement you may have seen that the top voted playerserver recieves 15USD. This still applies! So go ahead and make some really good server. Make people upvote it and earn money that way. So quick! Make that server and don't ruin your chance.


We hope that some amazing masterpieces will come out of this. Good luck!

Judge applications


Hey everyone! A quick update about the judge applications here. You can apply for judge over at Keep in mind that there are some requirements and rules judges have to follow. These may get changed in the future so keep that in mind. A quick list of these rules as of right now will be down below. Make sure you read the complete text when signing up for this.


- You must vote neutrally and not rig the voting because of a friend / well known player.

- You must have the time to go through all submitted servers and vote for the best.

- You are not allowed to participate in the event itself.

- Being able to join voice chats is a plus.


- Supercrafter100




Judge applications have been closed. Enough people have applied for it already.

about 1 year ago
what happens if you ban partydragen from your server

Im going to close this topic since its old and you shouldn't reply to this anymore lol