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Have you guys ever heard of minehut? Have you heard of their new interface? Basically, I just want that kind of style on cubedcraft's interface. Its in my opinion very nice and somewhat similar to minehut's interface. But, what i'm trying to tell you is that try and add a more user friendly interface to cubedcraft too. Here is a sketch I made to make you understand what I mean:


Yes, it could look look like a ripoff, but maybe the player can choose a theme from their settings that changes the interface and theme of playerservers.net.

You may be familiar that you can not use /ban or /mute because they are for the cubed staff only. Well im thinking of moving that to a new command like for ex: /aban or /ab which stands for adminban. So the cubed craft's administrasive commands don't interfere with the playerservers commands.

Sometimes a playerserver gets griefed. and they don't have coreprotect or even worse got possibly erased. So, maybe if a player has a valid account, they can go and revert the server x amount of times ago. And higher ranked players can revert even further back. Like Free: 1 week Noble: 2 Weeks Royal: 3 Weeks God: 3 Weeks VIP: 4 Weeks

Some servers just want to join with their own personal ip like <server>.playerservers.com just bring it back!

Some servers worked  hard for their website. So when a user clicks it, it can show them what it is about. It can help reduce advertising in the lobby. Also the voting page somehow does not display the images and the links don't go to the website so they just don't work. Remember to fix that!

Well that's all that I have to say. bye then!

15 days ago
    Yes this might be very frightning. But Im turning myself in. You might be saying why. Well, because I am good at TnTWars but lately I was making players very mad because the use of autos that lags the server. I think thats wrong but I really feel like i want to do it. So, I did it not one, twice, every single time.
   I know the cubedcraft TNTWars Rules and global rules itself but the cannons I made are giving the player an unfair advantage. Also i sometimes make suicide can So, just ban me. Anytime will do. I deserve it. I need to learn my lesson.
Heres how unfair my cannons are

17 days ago
Besides BuyCraft and Enjin.... :( Thats rather sad.
about 1 month ago
Well... Of course you played bedwars on hypixel and played TNT wars on cubed right? Well this idea will combine TNTWars and BedWars and (a bit) of kingdoms!

Chapter 1 - Setup / Rules


Two teams (Blue and Red)
Game has two islands
Player Can NOT destroy blocks placed by the map creators only build / break plocks placed by a player.
Player CAN build to other side but can only break the core of the team
Players try and kill their opponents

Chapter 2 - Core / Generators / Shop

The player needs to build to the other side and break the opponents core. The team can upgrade their core with a generator that haves Iron (Common) Gold (Rare) and Diamond (once per minute) Also they can build on to the core. Ex: Add wool around the core If the core is broken, The players can't respawn. But with the core they can.
The shop will have 4 catagories: Build / Defend, Fight, Cannons, Core
Catagory 1:  Build / Defend
Wool (8) - 4 iron
Wood -(4)  8 Iron
Terrocotta (4) 4 gold
Glass (16) 8 Iron
Catagory 2: Fight
Every player by default spawns with a stick with sharpness 1 on it.
Wooden sword - 12 Iron
Iron Sword - 6 Gold
Diamond Sword - 2 Diamonds
Bow - 12 Gold
Arrow (16) - 2 Gold
Catagory 3: Cannons
Stone (16) - 6 Iron
Dispenser (2) - 2 Gold [Dispensers automatically fill up with tnt.]
Water (1) - 12 Iron
Ladder (6) - 4 Iron
Redstone (64) - 12 Iron
Lever (1) -4 iron
Button (1) - 2 Iron
Cannon bundle (16 stone, 6 Dispensers, 32 Redstone 6 Ladders, 1 Button) Cost : 48 Iron and 6 Gold
Catagory 4: Core
Sharpened weapons (2 Diamonds)
Alarm Trap (1 Diamond) [Alerts if a opponent player is 10 blocks away from the core]
Haste (4 Diamond)
Speed (2 Diamonds)
Increase Core Health by 1 (12 Gold)

Chapter 3: Credentials
If you are planning to use this idea, please make sure you give credit to me EXACTLY like this:

Capture the TNT - Idea suggested by _Xx_AdamMC_xX_

Thank you for looking at the post and have a good day.

2 months ago
I agree... But skript can do some or maybe most of the features...
2 months ago
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Sand 1 0 -
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