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_Cord, i believe there is an area that they have taken away so players cant change the player limit. I know  this cause i am owner on my own server and i know the file manager area!

If you have any questions for me im in the cubed discord and my discord is dormin8r47#7015. Again msg me if you have any questions regarding this area of forums!
5 months ago

Recorded yesterday by NeedBlueberry while I was fighting him in warzone. 
There was one part when was not looking at me and I was hidden and he killed me one shot while I had 7 plus hearts and he had the starter kit on.
7 months ago
It is for the Player Servers and there will be one person who reviews each player server and writes down a review and if there is good staff, then that player server will get a god review. And once that person is done writing down the review for the server, he or she will give the review to a staff member and they will post it. For me, I would want that rank more tat anything, ill be on like a lot, and yeah. So please consider this idea and it will help with players wanting to join a good Player Server.

Also, that player will even be able to join servers that are whitelisted unless its a staff members Player Server!

And again, I would like that rank more than anything! :)

Also my new IGN is NeedDormin
8 months ago
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