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...but how did that happen?
about 1 month ago
hey umm has the next tutorial come out yet it has been 26 days
btw for a list of some cool things to help: (you can go to top of screen to change the "events" part to something like "conditions" or "effects") (2nd link but seems to be missing "variables" and "custom commands" which is really what people would use)
about 1 month ago
Hold up a second, this topic is interesting...
How did the mods know that he wrote a book to his friend? I can't get over that question...
Did the friend backstab him?
Do staff have bookspy enabled on PSs?
Did the event even take place on a PlayerServer? (could have been CubedCraft survival, you can get books there)

I want to know:
- the server's name
- who was the person who banned RedGamer292
about 1 month ago
to be honest here, I just prefer >, my argument would be that you never would have to start an actual sentence with that, but then ! is the same, so idk. to the main point:

relogging works? I did /stop back when I had the same glitch which is basically relogging with extra steps and that changed basically nothing. that's pretty weird.
about 1 month ago
I feel like you'd be better off reporting them on discord, honestly, since no one is really active anymore.
yeah thats why I am responding 7 days later I wasn't checking forums during that time
about 1 month ago



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