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Map Plays Wins Best Time
Stone 162 100 19.497s
Sand 44 19 31.730s
Hell 81 27 79.271s
Labyrinth 61 34 41.102s
Grassland 68 23 20.680s
Techno 0 0 -
Snow 61 21 28.664s
Ores 66 29 30.124s
Palace 60 33 30.232s
MetalMachine 71 26 30.492s
Candyland 0 0 -
Western 81 26 46.256s
Granite 56 31 21.164s
Tower 16 10 19.842s
Statistic Value
Wins 418
Kills 3769
Deaths 5100
Coins 14469
Exp 82861
Wool 1228
K/D Ratio 0.74
Statistic Value
Wins 11
Kills 6
Deaths 91
Coins 60
Exp 75
K/D Ratio 0.07


I want something like this:

/ignore <player> </player>if someone is annoying you and you don't want to see their messages, this command should not allow you to see them.
/unignore <player> </player>if someone is no longer annoying you and you want to see their messages, it should undo the effects of /ignore. (like you never ignored them in the first place)

This would be really helpful!
2 days ago
What should the owners of CC (CubedCraft) do if people decided to make scam skripts that op the scammers and ban the unaware owner and grief his server?
2 days ago
I've been on another forum for years, and i've seen that people usually put those games in "off-topic", which sadly this forum does not have.

The closest thing to that is CubedCraft Server Discussion, and you could try making a game thread to get people on! Good luck!
2 days ago
I approve this idea.

There should be a guide section.
2 days ago
Where is the place to put staff applications? Would be nice if you could help!
2 days ago