Ender Kit

Vintage80 Vintage80: 16 days ago
Add a new kit for cubedcraft warzone.


Iron Helmet - No enchantments
Gold Chestplate - Protection 2
Chain Leggings - No enchantments
Leather Boots - Protection 1
Gold Sword - Sharpness 1 - Knockback 2 (Custom Name: Ender's Poker)
50 Endstone
2 Ender Pearls (15 Second Cooldown)

Ender 2:
Change 50 Endstone to 64
3 Ender Pearls with 10 Second Cooldown
Iron helmet with Protection 3
Gold Sword with Sharpness 2

Ender 3:
5 Ender Pearls (5 Second Cooldown)
Punch 1 Bow with 12 Arrows

Ender 1 - 3000 Coins

Ender 2 - 500 Coins

Ender 3 - 1800 Coins


MagicPotatooo MagicPotatooo: 16 days ago
ender pearls are too op and nononono to punch bow
GamerProPlaysYT GamerProPlaysYT: 16 days ago
That will be too op, they can just pearl to the wool and win almost instantly.
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 16 days ago
- rather have some tp thingy that can tp a short distance.

- knockback 2 is way too much, i think puncher had kb 1.
- no punch bow and defenitely not with 12 arrows. you clearly don't remember the times of puncher.

- all upgrade prices are consistent with eachother.

- all kits have 3 upgrades, not 2.
PondWader PondWader: 16 days ago
Yeah, ender pearls should never be added in a kit, no matter the cooldown. The game would be ruined. You just pearl straight past everyone.

The game would become a race to the enemies wool. And no one would bother pvping.

This propesed kit would kill warzone.
LegitMeme LegitMeme: 16 days ago
This is what we need!! Fix warzone with ender pearls!!!

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