Playerservers Events

IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 28 days ago
Alright, so as of now, Bedrock Box servers are popular, and I am sure everyone can agree on that they're absolute trash, so why not make playerservers events, and staff can judge the server? Maybe give players 1 month to create a GOOD and ORIGINAL server and if they win, maybe you could give them 3 months vip or mvp, or even IRL money but cubed barely makes enough donations so probably vip or mvp is the best option. You could also add some limitations to make it harder, like you can only use 15 plugins or you can only use command blocks instead of skript, it brings much more to playerservers and it's an opportunity for playerservers to shine again. It's currently in trash, but you can change that, and this can be a way to change trash into good.

~ze idokz


WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob: 28 days ago
I dmed chikoo about this suggestion and she said that cubed staff have thought about it for a while xd
WhenUHackUNoob WhenUHackUNoob: 28 days ago
Well i dmed her in like January or smn
_SpicyAngel_ _SpicyAngel_: 25 days ago
I like this idea
LegitMeme LegitMeme: 25 days ago
This is stolen from supercrafter you get banned now
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 25 days ago