PlayerServer Incentives

_Kiyan _Kiyan: 19 days ago
* This is merely a suggestion and please read on the website *
Due to the current environment of the PlayerServers section of CubedCraft, most people have most likely lost interest in that section or in the entire server, as they may feel that the current PlayerServers are not worth playing - with exception to those who find enjoyment by playing a minepvp in a bedrock box.

In order to improve that section of CubedCraft, one method would be to delete or completely ban servers that we can all agree upon that are "bad". However that would be unjust and completely reckless, since the PlayerServers section of the servers is simply a section for people to host public or private servers for free; deleting these servers based on what the community believes would be wrong.

Another - more appropriate - suggestion would be to make an incentive for people to make the best PlayerServer on Cubed; whether that be measured by total votes or community approval, who knows. This way, the servers that are regarded as "bad" can still exist, but this incentive will also push those developers to make a server that everyone can enjoy. BEFORE you all downvote this suggestion, I would just like to add that yes Party had the $15 incentive nearly a year ago, however this incentive could revolve around something that you can get virtually in the server, instead of actual money.

Personally, I believe this is the only way that better PlayerServers will become a thing on CubedCraft, without deleting the repetition and poor server management that no one wants.


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