ADD voice chanel warzone ppl number

Soyfon Soyfon: 16 days ago
Like on some other server minecraft add some voice salon that no one can join and they are named like "Warzone: 15 onlines" and with a bot that say how much ppl are online in


akkke akkke: 14 days ago
why would u even need it? You can see it on this website.
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 13 days ago
you could use it with things like communicating with others and have the ability to swear and rage while playing and everyone will know
ThePokedNoob ThePokedNoob: 12 days ago
IDuckz I think he meant a unjoinable vc where it just shows the number of people on Warzone for decoration
IDuckz_ IDuckz_: 12 days ago
shutup i only realized it just now
ThePokedNoob ThePokedNoob: 12 days ago