DiSky Skript Addon

FlayzYT FlayzYT: about 1 month ago
Read the WHOLE suggestion before voting on the discord/website or rejecting, please...

So DiSky is a skript addon which allows you to connect your Minecraft server with Discord. It's a complete re-fork of Vixio, which is outdated and unmaintained. DiSky is up-to-date, has version support from 1.8 up to newest versions, has slash commands and is maintained.
This addon could simplify server connections with discord. It could be used as DiscordSRV, logs sender, anticheat logs, basically anything the players can imagine.

Now YES, the discord bot is hosted on the playerserver but it does NOT mean that CubedCraft will become a discord bot hoster. This is the same reason why Vixio was rejected. The playerservers still have shutdown timers, meaning that the server will have to be ACTIVE and ONLINE in order for the bot to work. There will have to be players on the server for the bot to work. It's simply a way of connecting a server with discord, not making playerservers bot hosters.

If this suggestion is good please like on website ok thanks!!