Mob Fight [ARCADE]

Vintage80 Vintage80: about 1 month ago
You spawn in a 50x50 blocks with Full Iron Armor, A diamond sword and 10 gapples. Mobs spawn and you have to fight them. The mobs multiply and get stronger each stage.
Stage 1 - 20 Zombies
Stage 2 - 20 Zombies and 10 Creepers
Stage 3 - 30 Wither Skeletons and 10 Blazes
Stage 4 - 80 Zombies, 30 Creepers and 20 Blazes
Stage 5 - 1 Wither, 50 Wither Skeletons
Stage CHAOS (6) - 5 Withers, 100 Wither Skeletons.

The goal is to survive the longest and who gets the most mob kill. VOTE ON DISCORD AND WEBSITE | REPLY FOR MORE IDEAS


Vintage80 Vintage80: about 1 month ago
50x50 Bedrock Box*
Doggydevil7 Doggydevil7: about 1 month ago
Hey that`s not a bad idea but i would like to have armor upgrades every stage that you can choose

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