Nerf or remove replenisher

Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 22 days ago
If the player knows how to godbridge, this kit is way too op. you can be at the other's wool within 30 seconds.

Either remove, or do something like the following:
- The user is only able to hold 16 logs
- maybe 1 or 2 logs are added every second


MiniRascal MiniRascal: 22 days ago
What is this utter ridiculousness!
_EliteFestell _EliteFestell: 22 days ago
Forsooth, the following kit/kits shall not be banished to the deletion realm!

fr doe people can just bow you off..
Jeroeno_Boy Jeroeno_Boy: 22 days ago
bow doesnt work on rascal

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